ZigBee Motorized Blinds only work with Tuya Smart Life APP?

Hi All

I’ve been looking at these on Ebay:

ZigBee Blind Motor on Ebay

The Listing and the people selling them say they only work with the Tuya Smart Life App. Can this be true if they are ZigBee compatible? I have only really used Z-Wave devices up till now and have been happy that all of the Cheap Chinese devices bought on E-bay have worked with my controller so far. I’ve had a look and found post on here suggesting the IKEA ZigBee blinds don’t currently work with OpenHAB.



I guess that depends how you connect them to
OpenHAB. There are several bindings that support zigbee devices.


I was more asking if, like z-wave, any zigbee device had to work with any zigbee controller?
or is there some way they could make it so it only works with their app?

I am new to openhab and don’t currently have a Zigbee transmitter to attach to my Pi that is running openhab. I’m currently replacing a Vera unit which does support Zigbee.


In principal this is true. However, unlike Z-Wave, devices are not checked and certified by a sole authority, which has resulted in some manufacturers having slightly different implementations of the Zigbee standard.

Having said that, the eBay link has a part number which zigbee2mqtt says they can control, so you’ve got at least one option!


Thanks that’s very useful. Although the picture that goes with that listing for Zigbee2mqtt doesn’t match the picture on the e-bay listing. oddly googling the model number seems to come up with both!?!

Just out of interest any suggestion of a good Zigbee controller compatible with Raspberry Pi’s?

I think I’ll give it a punt.



There’s loads.

If you want to use the native openHAB Zigbee binding I would stick to anything with an Ember chip, as that seems to be what the developer uses too.

If using Zigbee2MQTT, anything from this page:

I’m personally using the cheapest one on the zigbee2mqtt list, the cc2531. No issues, but I don’t have many devices connected.