Zigbee network gateway

Hello all,

I am running OpenHAB 3 in the Docker on Synology device. So far, so good, everything is working fine. I have installed Ikea Tradfri gateway and several Ikea devices and all those are working fine with OH on Synology.

anyway I would like to use some Zigbee sensors, thus my question: Is any Zigbee Network (wireless) gateway supported by OH 3 (and their bindings)?

My preference is to use network Zigbee gateway instead of any USB stick. I would like to have Synology configuration as clean as possible.
I have tried Zigbee binding available, but it seems that it supports only USB sticks, not network attached gateways.


Jan K.

I thought that it was now possible to use the Ember EM35x Coordinator with port config rfc2217://ipzigbeegateway:port

I’m still using the Sonoff zigbee bridge with mqtt.

I am happy to use this way. I am clear with IP address, but which port I should use?

That method doesn’t work yet, i’ve been trying on getting it working with no success. It seems that there’s an open github issue on it that hasn’t yet been resolved: OH3 zigbee binding not working with RFC2217 port - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

I am really surprised that this way of Zigbee (wifi gateways) are not supported by OH3. It is more easy just to have 20 USD box on the network (Zigbee Wifi Gateway) with some binding then mess with another device and another layer of software. Or am I missing something?

Jan K.

What gateway do you mean? There are a few that are supported - Hue, Xiaomi, Ikea…

I think so - there is no such thing as a “ZigBee Wifi gateway” - just branded devices. I think you are looking for something that doesn’t exist - of if you have something in mind, please provide a reference so we can comment on it.

Hello Chris,

thanks for asking. I am talking about generic Zigbee network gateways (wired and wireless) which can be found e.g. on Aliexpres (e.g. in my case this gateway) These are mostly working with Smart life or Tuya applications on Android phones (I expect that same applications are available on iOS).
I would like to use sensors like temperature and humidity and so on.

My assumption was that if few USB sticks are supported then also this type will be supported. I am running OH 3 in the Docker on Synology NAS and e.g. binding with Ikea world is working perfectly fine.

No - each of these devices (Hue, Ikea, Tuya, Xiaomi, etc) all work with ZigBee, but on the “other side” (ie the user side) they do not expose ZigBee at all. They have their own API, their own interfaces, and therefore from an OH perspective, they require their own binding as every one of them is different.

Well, that is the answer for brand specific Zigbee implementation like Ikea, Hue etc.

Now you have several Zigbee USB sticks, I call them generic as they are not for use with specific brand (imagine Ikea Zigbee USB Stick that works only with Ikea bulbs). These generic Zigbee USB sticks are supported by OH binding, as per notes from more then one manufacturer. My thought was that there is similar binding which supports not USB Zigbee sticks but network Zigbee gateways.

No - it wasn’t just the answer to the brand specific implementations. Each manufacturer will implement their own interface, so this statement also is true of the others :slight_smile:

That’s fine - you can call them whatever you like - but they are all different, and there is nothing generic about them. They each have their own API, and require different software to support them - the same as what you are calling generic hubs.

That is true - but again, each one has different software to provide this support - each is different - each has a different API and therefore requires different software. It’s just that the binding includes “sub bindings” to communicate with the different sticks.

No. Each of these boxes has their own communications protocol - they do not talk ZigBee on the user side (ie the ethernet/Wifi side). They will all require their own binding to support - and that is (generally speaking) what OH currently has