Zigbee Not Finding Devices After Upgrade to 4.0.0?

I (somewhat unintentionally) upgraded from Openhab 3.4.1 to 4.0.0, solved the JDK issues and have fixed up my rules to work with it. All seems to be fine, except that two Zigbee Smart Plugs are “offline”. A further Smart Switch appears “online”, but isn’t controllable (it curiously seems to be sending some metrics back though).

I did a factory reset on one of the offline smart plugs, and tried to re-pair it, but in most cases it’s not found. In some (seemingly random) cases it part-includes as Unknown ZigBee Device EC1BBDFFFE3DC708. Usually if you get an unknown device, it either corrects itself immediately, or another pairing process solves it. That doesn’t seem to be the case here (even with the plug and stick about a metre apart).

lsusb shows my zigbee stick as a QinHeng Electronics SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus V2, and the smart plugs are Samsung Smartthings Smart Plugs. Back on the old version, they all paired and worked pretty much flawlessly. Just about all I can see in the logs today is this:

2023-08-07 17:12:08.866 [INFO ] [bee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - ZigBee dongle inactivity timer. Reinitializing ZigBee
2023-08-07 17:18:28.983 [INFO ] [bee.discovery.ZigBeeDiscoveryService] - EC1BBDFFFE3DC708: Starting ZigBee device discovery
2023-08-07 17:18:28.988 [INFO ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing 'zigbee:device:35fe2cdbd4:ec1bbdfffe3dc708' to inbox.

I looked at previous problems with finding devices (on older versions), but they seem to have other issues and other solutions. Has anyone got any ideas of anything I can try here?

I have the same problem.
After upgrading to 4.0 (I tried 4.1 also) my Zigbee devices shows ONLINE but no one is working. Trying to join new devices or re-joing old ones does not work.
My strick is a Bitron Video AV2010/10 and it’s correctly recognized. Looking at all coordinator channels, they seems to increase but now event is transferred to OH.
One strange thing I ifnd is the following. my coordinator is described in the a .thing file. The Join mode in the file is set to “TC_JOIN_INSECURE”. But, in the thing properties in OH Gui it displays as “TC_JOIN_SECURE”,
Could this be the problem ?

I just tried different zigbee_trustcentremode values (in the Advanced section) - even in TC_JOIN_INSECURE it seems no different.

Like you, the metrics in the coordinator channels seem to be incrementing, but nothing works and nothing can join.

I’m going to see if I can spin up another Pi with OH3 on it and try my stick there (again), and then maybe try a fresh OH4 install as well. Something’s definitely off here…

After a lot of tries, even a new stick (the Conbee II with Deconz, that at first had the same problem) and a lot of web searches, I finally discovered the problem: interference!!

It seems that on Raspberry 4 the USB3 ports cause interference with other devices: I had an SSD attached to USB3 and this was the problem.

I used USB2 with an extention cable for both SSD and Conbee stick and now everithing works.

Well I never… looks like the same problem here. I put my stick on a 2M USB cable (it already was on a USB2 hub) and now it all works exactly as it ever did. I can’t imagine why upgrading the version of OH would cause interference where there was none before, but interference seems to be the cause.

I did this:

P.S It is easier to change the wifi channels than the zigbee because if you change Zigbee you have to re-pair.

I wondered about wifi interference, although there’s actually very little wifi around my OH setup (it’s all wired - I can’t claim it’s entirely wifi free, but hopefully none of consequence).

Also, in my garage, the OH server has line of sight to one of the smart switches I was trying to pair (it’s about 2-3M away). I couldn’t really believe it was interference like that, but it looks like something local to the OH Pi was the issue. Moving the stick a short distance away (still 2-3M from the switch, and still line of sight) has fixed it.

Still, for anyone experiencing weird Zigbee issues (after an upgrade to OH4 or maybe not), wifi is worth looking into - as is just moving your zigbee stick a bit further away from the server its connected to.

The issue seems related to USB3.0 ports on Raspberry PI4 and not to wifi.

My Raspberry is connected via ethenet cable and everything was working before I upgraded to Rapsberry 4.