Zigbee or Zwave buttons

My wife hates not having a button or switch on a light to turn it off.

We both have bed table lamps, and sometimes she will fall asleep while reading and leave hers on. I can’t turn it off without getting out of bed and waking her. I’d like to be able to turn it off through openhab (either using my phone or using my Amazon Echo), but there still needs to be some way to turn it on and off with a switch or button that’s reachable from the bed.

I’ve seen a number of Zigbee and Zwave buttons out there; I’m wondering if anyone has gotten one of those (preferably on the lower end of the cost band) that works that I could then just stick to the base of the lamp so she’d have a switch.

I have many xiaomi aqara buttons. You could also use ikea buttons, a few styles to choose from. Zigbee based.

I also have a smartthings button. It has a magnet on the base.