Zigbee Sensor Setup

Good Morning Everybody,

Currently looking at integrating Zigbee into my OH system. I will primarily be using it for Temp/Humidity sensors to run my heating system, Hence why I’ve gone for battery operated zigbee so the sensors can be placed in the best location in each room.

What is everyone’s opinions/advice/examples on the matter.

I’m heading more towards the Sonoff Zigbee bridge and sensors. The only data that needs to be transmitted is battery status so I can set up a rule to tell me to change the battery at a certain time and obviously the Temp/Humidity readings.

I have read a couple of articles on the matter but can’t seem to find a solid solution. Some work with auto discovery some don’t.

Any advice and ideas is much appreciated :grinning:

Zigbee is a mesh network. The more devices you have the better the network becomes. However, battery powered devices don’t really participate in the mesh. They don’t forward the messages they receive from other devices because it will consume their battery. If you want to go with Zigbee you will want to have additional mains powered devices to improve the mesh network. Otherwise it’s likely that some of your devices won’t be able to reach the coordinator.

Beyond that see (cloudless) battery sensor for logging temperature + humidity for additional options.

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