ZigBee Smart Energy to read power meter

Hi all,
I’m interested in reading the meter supplied by my power company. They offer a way for me to connect to it using ZigBee Smart Energy 1.0 or 1.1 specifications (I have to send them install code and MAC address). I’ve been using openhab with Z-Wave for a while, but I’m new to ZigBee. My meter is a Focus AXR-SD

I hope to be able to get a USB dongle and use the ZigBee binding. I don’t see any commercial meters in the list of supported items. Would I be able to add my meter as an item under the ZigBee binding?

Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) or advice connecting to a meter like this?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a ZigBee usb stick?

Typically, it is not simple to do this due to the security concerns around Smart Energy. Smart Energy systems require special security certificates that are not easy to get (they require special permissions from the security provider - there is only 1 provider for Smart Energy).

I would suggest to speak to your energy company to see if they can suggest how this can be done, but I wouldn’t expect a positive response.

The ZigBee binding currently is not designed to work with SEP for a number of reasons (the first being the one I’ve mentioned above). A special version of the binding can work with these meters, but it’s not something that’s available as it really requires the approval of the energy provider.

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Thanks. The energy provider does allow me to connect devices using SEP. They have a list of verified devices, but I have the option of choosing “other” when registering the device.

Their verified devices either have some issues, or they are a component of a bigger system (e.g a solar panel controller).

Maybe it’s more it’s more hassle than it’s worth, and I should get to a consumption CT installed…

Ok, that’s a start, but you will only be able to connect certified SEP devices due to the joining system that is used in SEP. It uses a high security key exchange, and this requires a “certificate” that can only be provided to certified systems.

This is the problem though - you cannot MAKE a verified device. You must go through a certification process, and then have a special certificate - this is not readily available and even I cannot get the “real” certificates - only test certificates.

SEP is really not something that we can home brew here - I’m currently working with a US utility to certify a ZigBee SEP system, and it’s not simple.