Zigbee support for RTX ZCB16

Hi guys,

Is it possible to add support for Zigbee Tuya RTX ZCB16-1P
(Tuya RTX CB16 1P 16A WiFi disconnector Botland - Robotic Shop) in Zigbee binding?
At present, the device is discoverable, but after adding it to the network, I got the message:
(HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR): No supported clusters found

I found that there was a similar problem in zigbee2mqtt and there was created a special converter for this device, link to the topic:

On the market there a lot of similar devices for RTX ZCB16, so I assume that the issue touches all of them.


Whilst it should probably be easy to implement the on/off functionality in @chris’ Zigbee binding, a full implementation of the device’s functionality should be quite complex.

My recommendation:
Check | Zigbee2MQTT for devices that meet your requirements (and are available …).

But, can I use Zigbee2MQTT library for this one device and OpenHab Zigbee binding, at the same time with only one zigbee bridge (POPP ZB-Stick in my case)?

Controlling a Zigbee coordinator from two different applications (e.g. openHAB Zigbee binding and Zigbee2MQTT) is asking for trouble - don’t do it.

Ok thx. So it means that there is only one solution - I have to remove this device and try to find another one.

As written before: basic functionality of your RTX ZCB16 could probably be added to the openHAB Zigbee binding by @chris (if his time permits). As a first step you would have to provide a fingerprint from your device (search the forum for ‘zigbee fingerprint’ and read ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB).

Ok, I will do it during the weekend!