Zigbee-supported gateway/hub with underlying Linux OS

For my automation system, I’ve installed openHAB on a raspberry pi. In addition, I use CC2531 USB sniffer or Xiaomi Aqara gateway with their corresponding bindings in openHAB to get data from my sensors. This is one approach.

However, I’m looking for a better approach. I’m looking for a gateway/hub that supports zigbee and has a linux-based operating system on it. Therefore, I can install openHAB on this device. This way, I have only one hardware device that does everything for me. (I can run commands on it, install software, etc.)

Is there such a thing?

Another approach that can do the trick for me is this: (This approach is a little bit different)
Is there a zigbee-supported gateway/hub that supports MQTT protocol? So that I can configure it in such a way that it sends data to my remote MQTT broker.

Is plugging a USB Zigbee dongle into your Pi an option?

This USB Zigbee dongle is not an option. I need this dongle. I use this dongle so that I can get data from a wide variety of sensors. This way, my system is not dependent on vendors. I can use different sensors from different vendors simultaneously.

I’m not really sure why you need two dongles, but if so, why not just buy a second one? They are only about $10 so it’s likely to be the cheapest option.

I’m sorry but I think you misunderstand the question. I do need somethings to communicate with my sensors. Otherwise, openHAB does not do anything.

If I can find such a thing (a gateway/hub that supports zigbee and has a linux-based operating system on it), I won’t need this dongle anymore and this is exactly my aim.

Or maybe you misunderstand my response :wink: . What is wrong with one of these CC2531 dongles for use with ZigBee? Why can’t you use that to communicate with your sensors - either transmitting to them to control sensors (or actuators) or receiving data from them.

Or maybe I completely misunderstand what you’re trying to do?

The reason behind my approach is this:
I want to have only one hardware device that does everything for me. I want to get rid of any dongles/gateways/hubs etc. This would be a huge financial benefit for my company.

Ok, maybe you should have said you were looking for a commercial option. There are various options out there - you could look on AliExpress for such devices, or you can employ companies such as Aaeon who I know produce such custom devices.

Yes, it’s called a raspberry pi

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Does raspberry PI communicate with all zigbee sensors without any additional device?

No but I put the question back at you.
What’s wrong with selling a raspberry pi with a zigbee dongle as one device in a nice little box?

Maybe this -:

There’s no doubt it’s better and cheaper if the aim is to mass produce.

Yes if he can get something made with the same power and flexibility for $40

I’m not sure I understand your point. As I said, there are clear financial advantages to a bespoke solution if you are mass producing.

Let me be more clear. I want a HUB/Gateway that supports zigbee. I don’t want to use CC2531 USB sniffer with a raspberry PI. I want a complete system. It is not financially acceptable for us to ask companies such as Aaeon to build one for us. Additionally, we ourselves don’t want to build one. Therefore, we are searching for such a thing.

But someone must build one right? If so, either you build it, or someone else builds it - they don’t normally appear by magic :wink:

You either need to invest in your own product, or discuss with someone else to undertake this investment for you. In general, this is what other companies have had to do, and typically they would not offer this to others given they have invested a lot of money in doing what you say is not financially acceptable for you.

Most of the companies that I’m working with have had to build there own hub, but maybe you will be lucky and can find one that someone else has already built - good luck.

My last option: Do we have a gateway/hub that has zigbee to mqtt feature? (get data from zigbee sensors and send it to an matt broker)

I’m not aware of anything off the shelf, but fundamentally, from a hardware perspective this is the same thing (ie a low powered computer with a ZigBee chipset).

If you did this though, you are effectively moving away from your “one solution” idea aren’t you? You will now presumably have 2 boxes - one with the MQTT to ZigBee, and one that is the MQTT broker. If you are going to do this, then you might as well go back to peoples original suggestion of putting a zigbee dongle in your MQTT broker machine.