Zigbee Tasmota

I flashed my Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with Tasmota and everything seems to be working, although I’m missing the battery level in my MQTT messages. In the webGUI I see a battery icon which seems to be correct.
Other MQTT messages are also not as clear as Zigbee2MQTT but the usage of the Sonoff Bridge is realy user friendly (and better range)

From my experience of using Tasmota Zigbee. The battery payload from each device is only sent like every 10 hours. When I set my sensors up for the first time I don’t actually see the battery percentage on openhab until the morning after for instance.

I added 5 extra devices today, and the battery levels where immediately present. It’s not send every time, but perfect for me. I updated the sonoff bridge since my previous post, so it seems to be better.
Together with 2 Ikea repeaters, I have a very good zigbee network now.