[ZigBee] Thing Channels disappeared?

Openhab 2.4.0-M5 - using the latest Zigbee bindings.

Wondered why the temp is stuck on my lights, noticed the channels have disappeared for 3/4 of them, still present for the 4th light? How does this happen? How can I fix it? These were autodiscovered.


Anything in the logs?

You can try to delete the Light Things and re-discover them. How did you setup your Items? (via PaperUI or via *.items files)?

Nothing in the logs unfortunately. My items are in .items files fortunately, so I can see the channels in there, eg:

Dimmer   SylvaniaKitchenLight1_F0D1B8000002ADC81Colortemperature   "Color Temperature" (KitchenLightsTemperature)  {channel="zigbee:device:5b077569:f0d1b8000002adc8:F0D1B8000002ADC8_1_colortemperature"}
Dimmer   SylvaniaKitchenLight1_F0D1B8000002ADC81Dimmer             "Level Control"     (KitchenLights)  {channel="zigbee:device:5b077569:f0d1b8000002adc8:F0D1B8000002ADC8_1_dimmer"}
Switch   SylvaniaKitchenLight1_F0D1B8000002ADC81Switch             "Switch"            (KitchenLights)  {channel="zigbee:device:5b077569:f0d1b8000002adc8:F0D1B8000002ADC8_1_switch"}

I’ll try to delete them and rediscover them, just was hoping to understand how this happens and how to fix it.

without any indication in the logs, it’s very hard to debug this kind of situations… I have never seen something like this, so I don’t even know what to suggest :frowning:

you can try to enable DEBUG on the zigbee binding to see if you will capture something (when the problem will re-appear… if it will)

btw: M6 is available… you could try this one

Resolved this by adding the channels back in the JSONDB … just copied and modified from the one light that still had the channel.

Rather disconcerting, doesn’t seem ready for primetime.

I’d like to report using the latest snapshot build #1447 I too am having an issue with zigbee discovered devices having no channels. This is with a fresh copy discovering multiple devices. They all have no channels!

Since the last update “1447” I have also no more channels and that with all lamps and dimmers. Input devices such as switches or sensors work. Everything works with 1418. Updated 2 times from 1418 to 1447, it’s always the same problem.
If someone tells me what I should log, I can do the update again.

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with 1448 everything is fine again:-)