ZigBee thing goes offline frequently (Osram/Ledvance Smart+ plug)

Dear All,
In the last couple of days i was browsing through the community topics, but could not find a really relevant entry, so I have opened this

I am using 3 Osram zigbee plugs with a Bitronvideo coordinator and one of those (let’s call it plug 1) is going offline randomly, sometimes after weeks, sometimes after days.

  • Only unplugging and plugging in helps.
  • Firmware is already updated.
  • I am not using sitemaps, nor items file for these things, all configured via paper ui.
  • Zigbee is set to debug level, but I cannot see any useful information except that “timeout has been reached” for plug 1.
  • In general all plugs are responding quickly (other zigbee things are currently removed or unused/offline)

Distances from the coordinator

  • plug 1 ~1,5m (no walls) <<< this one is having issues
  • plug 2 ~5m (no walls)
  • plug 3 ~8m (brick wall)

I would appreciate any help (e.g. increase the logging of specific components etc.)
Thanks in advance

  • Hardware: Raspberry PI3B
  • OS: Openhabian
  • openHAB version: 2.5.4-1

Just discovered a strange situation re to this topic.
The Osram Plug mentioned above was formerly connected to a hue hub. Last time when it went offline 2 hue bulbs did it as well (within a range of 1 meter). The hue bulbs are still connected via the hue hub.
When I unplugged the Osram plug and plugged it back, all of the affected devices became online again.

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