ZigBee w Osram Plug 01 Total Active Power not updating

Hi All,

I have a small ZigBee environment and have some Osram Plug 01 connected to it
Environment: RPi 3B on ethernet, openhabian, OH 2.5.1, bitronvideo

The plug provides a channel for total active power (configured via Paper UI), but in any case (if switched on) it shows the same value, 400.
In frontail it can be seen that once the value is updated first time from -NaN to 400, no further updates are done.

I’ve found only one valuable post but it is only confirming that the channel exists and should be able to use it, but did not help and basically the textual configuration is the same as what Paper UI does (or?).

Reference to the above mentioned post by @weakfl (Configuring zigbee binding):

Any idea or hint are welcome, please consider that I am not so expert with OH

The Osram plugs can’t measure power consumption. It’s just a channel published by the device, but it has no use.

FYI if the plug is on, the value is on my system 400,if off 28000. But again, has no effective meaning. For power measuring you have to take a different smart plug. The Osram plug doesn’t offer this and this is no shortcoming of the binding or wrong config. Just the device’s limitations :wink:


Thanks for the information!

The main purpose of using it was the price, did know not about this channel by that time and later was happy reading in a post that it might work. I think, I can live without the measurement. :slight_smile: