Zigbee2MQTT: adding new device types

Hi all,

i recently bought some Paulmann LED coins with zigbee and want to integrate them in my setup via Zigbee2MQTT in Openhab.

The model is 924.64, for reference here the article:

When I turn them on and set Z2MQTT in pairing mode i get some errors, e.g.

Received message from unsupported device with Zigbee model 'Dimmable' and manufacturer name 'Paulmann Licht GmbH'

I also tried working on the following instruction, but this is where i got stuck:

I manually added a paulmann.js file in zigbee2mqtt data folder, added it to configuration.yaml, restarted, but errors are still the same.
I did read something about updating the herdsman-converter manually in order to add the latest device type, but not sure on that.

Would appreciate any hints.


You have to add you devices in the .js file (e.g. paulmann.js) under
If it’s working well enough it would be awesome if you would fork the zigbee-herdsman-converters repo from koenkk and start a pull request with your change.
Specific questions should be discussed in the zigbee2mqtt forum. The developer Koenkk is very helpful in adding new devices.

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Thanks for your reply…

I added the following in the folder /opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdmann-converters/paulmann.js

		fingerprint: [{manufacturerName: 'Paulmann Licht GmbH', modelID: 'Dimmable'}],
	        zigbeeModel: ['H036-0001'],
	        model: '93999',
	        vendor: 'Paulmann',
	        description: 'Plug Shine Zigbee controller',
	        extend: extend.light_onoff_brightness(),

I restarted zigbee2mqtt. Now the devices are showing up differently (with image, showing “supported” instead of “unsuppported”, etc.).

The errors in the zigbee2mqtt log are gone. I was able to change the brightness via Z2M Webgui, now need to integrate in Openhab. But for now it seems to work. Thanks for that.

Did you do the pull request?
Otherwise your change will be gone with the next update. (And others cannot benefit, too.)
If you need help send me a message and I’m happy to support.

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