Zigbee2Mqtt best way too connect too openhab

Just got a zigbee2mqtt box up and running (couldn’t do it locally on openhabian as my setup runs virtually on hyper-v no hope of passing through usb dongle)

Looking for tips on adding the devices too openhab

When I add them using the home assistant mqtt prefix they get autodiscovered and sperate channels populated but items don’t seem too update

When I add them as generic devices I just get a giant string of states etc all needing there own channels creating and tons of regex applied that I’m unsure how todo

So I’m just wondering what’s the best way too Intergrated the devices into openhab

It can be done without the regex.

Please read here

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If your Zigbee devices are supported by the Zigbee Binding, the Zigbee Binding may also be an option.

I just added all my mqtt stuff, including zigbee2mqtt, manually in openhab using .things file.

I wrote a script to generate my .things and .items file using a template and this has made it very easy for me to add multiple devices of the same type.

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