Zigbee2Mqtt - Get rid of those pesky zigbee hubs

I’ve not had time to review how well it works on my own system yet but there is a thread on it at HASS that has a fair bit of feedback.

Anyway, I thought others might also be interested here.


interesting, we can also use this for OH somehow?

the idea of doing it without xiaomi gateway and hue bridge is attractive.

Remember there is also a ZigBee binding for OH2…


Once you have something publishing or subscribing to MQTT topics then all you need is the MQTT binding.

This could be a good solution for those who can’t use the Zigbee binding because they need to put the controller in a different location from the OH server and who don’t want to deal with ser2net and socat.

But overall I think the Zigbee binding will provide a better overall OH experience.

You know what, I genuinely didn’t even think that the zigbee binding could get rid of the hub. No idea why. Just another reason why I like OH!

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I’m extremely new to OH - do you mean that out of the box OpenHAB2 could control things like Xiaomi sensors and Hue lights without their hubs as long as you have a USB Zigbee stick plugged in and the Zigbee binding running?

Fundamentally, yes.

Some systems, (Xiaomi) are not necessarily 100% compliant to ZigBee standards, and therefore are likely to work better if you use the hub that comes with the system. However for compliant ZigBee devices, this should work fine… The ZigBee binding is still receiving a lot of development though, so there are still issues to be ironed out :wink:

i test zigbee2mqtt, it works very good now at the moment!
i have some little problems, by the xiaomi window & door sensor i get the JSONPATH($.contact) true ore false value back, so i need to add the item as string, it doesnt work as contact, so the icon of the window in the classic ui doesnt open and close automatically, is it possible to translate the true ore false to OPEN ore CLOSED, that i can add the item as contact?

You can’t chain transformations so you would either need to change to use a js transform or create a proxy item and write a rule to do the transform.

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i have found a way to change the output by the zigbee2mqtt program

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Has anyone in use a Tratfi bulb, i need help for the right mqtt message to turn it off and on

I wrote about my experiences today, but i guess we already exchanged knowledge.


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