Zigbee2MQTT @ OpenHab


Running RPi3b with Zigbee dongle.
I need to install the Zigbee2MQTT and then configure it to use the MQTT Broker ?

Or its supported as soon as I installed MQTT binding ?

These are separate platforms, so you’ll need to install them separately, either on the same Pi or on different ones.

Install OpenHAB, get that all setup including the MQTT broker if you need it. Then follow the instructions on the Zigbee2MQTT website to install and run the Node app that controls the USB dongle.

I’d recommend MQTT Explorer to test your broker and see what gets published where (and when)

You could also use our excellent Zigbee binding without the need for MQTT.

I already flashed the cc2531 with th e firmware from Z2M. Do I need to write new firmware for that binding?

@chris , our developer can better answer that. I assume you need the normal firmware.

The same firmware should work with the binding.

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Odd, the device worked fine on Test RPI that I have with Z2M sotfware.
However the Zigbee binding can’t connect to the device. worth writing the firmware from the binding page ?

2020-03-12 17:04:51.745 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:ef65986c' changed from UNKNOWN to OFFLINE: Failed to open communications port

2020-03-12 17:04:51.748 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:ef65986c' changed from OFFLINE: Failed to open communications port to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)

2020-03-12 17:05:37.933 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:ef65986c' has been updated.

2020-03-12 17:05:37.948 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:ef65986c' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR) to UNKNOWN

2020-03-12 17:05:38.951 [ERROR] [ding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeSerialPort] - Serial Error: Port null does not exist.

2020-03-12 17:05:38.953 [ERROR] [.cc2531.network.ZigBeeNetworkManager] - Failed to open the dongle.

openhabian@ChuraOH:/$ ls -l /dev/serial/by-id | grep TI
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Mar 12 14:22 usb-Texas_Instruments_TI_CC2531_USB_CDC___0X00124B00194AD80B-if00 -> …/…/ttyACM1

You did not configure the serial port for the coordinator Thing.

Wrong copy :slight_smile:

2020-03-12 17:23:29.167 [ERROR] [ding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeSerialPort] - Serial Error: Port /dev/ttyACM1 does not exist.
2020-03-12 17:23:29.169 [ERROR] [.cc2531.network.ZigBeeNetworkManager] - Failed to open the dongle.

I believe you may need to configure EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS

I followed this one

And now its online. but the binding wiki page is not explain how to discover new items :frowning:

Not sure what wiki page, The official documentation here explains device discovery once the coordinator is online.

I’m looking how to add new device, inclusion mode in Zwave here maybe called discovery, there isn’t such switch in the paperUI

Inbox -> Search for Things. -> Zigbee

Nope, nothing pops up

I am not a Zigbee user. Perhaps another user can assist.

Flashed firmware from Zigbee binding page, same things
Controller works, but I can’t find how to search for new devices (or its all working and my Aqara device doesn’t match or something.

Installed Z2M on test RPI and its able to pair devices.
So, I guess i’ll go this path

Hi! You dont need Zigbee binding…
Install openHAB, mqtt, Z2M, add Z2M user to tty and dialout groups so it can use your usb dongle.
Then configure openHAB and Z2M to use same mqtt broker, all guides on how to configure Z2M(mqtt, adding devices, flashing dongle) are avaliable at https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/
After that you will be able to see devices in mqtt topics via MQTT Explorer and configure openHAB to control them.
Zigbee binding is cool, but it was not able to work with many devices(xiaomi, aqara, mija) when i gave it a try.
If you are stuck with something specific, feel free to ask, i use it for year and a half, it works quite good.

I actually just finished re-installing everything on Rpi4 last night, with dockers