Zigbee2mqtt rgbLED config

Hi I have a gledopto rgb LEDbulb.
I can configure the color, brightness, state,… true mqtt

mosquitto_pub -h -t ‘homeassistant/LED1/set’ -m ‘{“state”:“ON”,“brightness”:254,“color”:{“r”:1,“g”:190,“b”:190}}’

I can add the thing and item with the paperUI but if only sends “state”:ON, brightness"0"
Is there an easy way to get this working or do I have to do this with json transformation and rules? Any help to get me in the right direction?


You have to do this with a JS transformation
See: openHAB and zigbee2mqtt Tutorial for Beginners

It may have been easier with the Zigbee binding We have an impressive developer here for Zigbee and Z-Wave bindings.

Don’t forget to mention: Zigbee2mqtt revisited: No more ugly transformations . :smiley:

@vdbdave: It may not help with color but will cut down on other transformations. :wink: