Zipabox to OH: Adding Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 as secondary controller and then switching to primary

  • openHAB version: 2.5.6-2

I’m trying to figure out how to add my Aeon Z-Stick as a secondary controller, maintaining the Zipabox as the primary, so that I can build up my rules in OH with all my devices whilst the Zipabox carries on running. I think I know how to do this: set Learning mode in the Z-Wave PC Controller software and start inclusion mode in the Zipabox.

My question is what happens after that. There seems to be no way to tell the Zipabox to shift the primary role to the Z-Stick, and only the primary can switch roles, right?

So what would my options be? With all my rules set up, delete all devices from the Zipabox, reset the Z-Stick, and then add them all again to the Z-Stick, set up as primary? And then modify the items names in the rules as needed?

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I’m searching the exact same thing.
How you finally done the migration? You started from the scratch or you found a way to switch the controller role?

The current situation is that OH is set up as a secondary controller. For some reason, a lot of Z-Wave devices (esp. Fibaro sockets and flood sensors) are not showing up properly in OH. They just appear as “Z-Wave node x”. At the moment I’m still migrating my rules from the Zipabox and the Aeon multisensors are the main thing I need for those, so I’m not worrying about it too much. I also noticed, however, that a new multisensor added to the Zipabox didn’t show up on openHab, and I couldn’t find any way to induce the secondary controller to refresh to see it, in spite of that refresh option apparently existing in the Z-Wave PC Controller software I used to add the secondary controller. Again, I just shunted the problem to one side while I continue creating my rules.

We’ll have to see whether, when the time comes, I am able to switch the controller roles or I have to just add everything again from scratch. It very much looks as if a lot of devices will have to be added from scratch anyway.

Anyway - another refugee from the Zipabox, I see!