Zipato Bulb 2 make it work with openhab2

Hi, I’m a beginner with openhab and zwave. Got some sensors and switches to work. I try a new Zipato Bulb 2 and bind it in openhab. The thing is recognized but it says it is an “Unknow Device” and I cannot use it.

I did some research and found that there is an XML file for that bulb here:

What should I do with that file or information do make the bulb recognized in openhab and use it? Should I create a .thing file? Where shoud I put it? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Nothing :sunglasses:
It is compiled into the zwave binding, so your best bet is to upgrade to the latest snapshot or devlopment version of the binding.

Up to you. But it is a lot easier to use the autodiscovery of openHAB.

Thank you, I’ll give a shot to upgrade and see what happens.