Zipato Micromodule Energy Meter (zwave)

Hi folks,

anyone in the community has a good experience with this device? I have some issues in receiving W consumption from CT2, and maybe it’s related to my item file. May I ask to share a working configuration?

In the meantime, I see the possibility to reset the accumulated power consumption is missing in PaperUI/Habmin:

I’m referring to

Meter Reset Command: [Command Class Meter, Meter Reset]

@chris may I ask how can I help, if I can, to add this feature? Here also my zwave file:

zwave file.txt (15.4 KB)

thanks for any support/help


That device is already in the binding database for any version 2.4.0 or newer.

I see the Meter Reset command mentioned in our manual too, but it is missing.
@chris is that supported by the binding?

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forgotten to mention: OpenHAB 2.5.8 here (openhabian)

We just need to add a new channel in the meter command class called “meter_reset” (I think - it will be in the dropdown).

I know Qubino are implementing some new functions relating to setting meter values following a reset, but this won’t be implemented in the immediate future. Qubino told me they’d tested this on 50 gateways, and none support this feature :slight_smile:

it’s something I can do myself? or …?

thanks for your support

I am working on it now. It should make it into the next database export & the snapshot binding after that.

thank you Bruce,

just for my understanding, as before I was used to play with snapshots, now I’m “in production” so I have a stable version here. When do you think this change will be reflected in the stable version? Maybe it makes sense to upload manually the latest version of zwave binding?

thanks again for your support

After the binding snapshot is created it can be manually installed.

There is a script that can assist with that but there are recent reports it may be broken.

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I have another question about this device.

I see 4 endpoints, but 3 parameters, and I’m not understanding how are mapped.

Can you please help me? :frowning:


That was defined by the vendor. The manual mentions endpoints 1 - 3. Perhaps Endpoint 0 channels are a sum of the 3. That is a Zipato question,

The binding just presents the endpoints & channels the vendor has programmed in firmware. You can see them in the xml file generates by OH based on the node information given by the device.

Well actually in the Zipato manual I see 3 endpoints (the first should be the sum of the other 2) … in OH I see 4 endpoints … that I’m not understanding :slight_smile:


There are 3 inputs for 3 phase power?

there are 2 inputs for 2 phase power + 1 endpoint that is the sum of the two (CT1 and CT2).

The manual lists the individual endpoints - it doesn’t show the root endpoint.

what the root endpoint is? how the numbers coming up from the parameter in the endpoint can be interpreted? I’ve already the endpoint as sum of CT1 and CT2 …

not understanding :slight_smile:

Every device has a root endpoint - this is an historical thing. Exactly what is in the root is up to the manufacturer.

I don’t understand what you mean?

I don’t know exactly what information is sent in any endpoint - I was simply responding to the question of why there are 4 endpoints in the database, but only 3 are shown in the manual. This is probably just the issue with the root which doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the manual.

hi Chris,

thanks for your support. Actually, I’m trying to interpreter the numbers coming from all 4 endpoints, that’s the reason why I was asking … :slight_smile:

3 endpoints are documented, the fourth not … and it should be the root endpoint, if I’m understanding correctly (I suppose endpoint 0)


The information provided in the root endpoint is not defined - by this I mean that the ZWave specs don’t define what it needs to be. Eg they don’t say that it must be endpoint 1, or a sum of the endpoints etc - it is up to the supplier.

Normally it is the same as one of the endpoints, so possibly you can ignore it.