Zipato "Mini Keypad" TagReader

Hi All,

Someone would have already tested the Zipato Tag Reader (link) with openHab ?



This, or similar devices have been discussed. Currently the binding doesn’t support the USER_CODE command class which I think is fundamental to using this device. It’s not a hard command class to add, but I’ve not got anything to test against so it’s not top of my list at the moment as it’s always a pain to try and test something remotely…

I have this Zipato tag reader for testing since the weekend, in combination with a zipabox, and i’d also like to see this integrated into openhab one future day… The Tag reader works fine, but the zipabox software to me is kind of pre-beta quality…

I got the Zipato Mini Keypad and added it to my OpenHab installation. Unfortunately I can not get the ID of the entered code. Anyone knows how to identify the user disabling the alarm?

If someone can guide me, I would like to update the binding to include more info.

Hi Mik, I have the same problem. I get 0 and 255 values in the the notification_access_control channel for Home and Away key sequences respectively.

If you set the log level to debug for the zwave binding you can see that the device sends at least 4 messages to the controller to complete the interaction. In the fist message, wich appears at the top of the log, the Alarm event in byte 15 counting from left and the user ID in byte 17.

The alarm event will be 0x06 for Home and 0x05 for away, and the user ID will be the index on the user codes for the code typed in.

I have asked for help about this on the community.