Zipato "Mini Keypad" TagReader

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( Gary Wes) #1

Hi All,

Someone would have already tested the Zipato Tag Reader (link) with openHab ?



(Chris Jackson) #2

This, or similar devices have been discussed. Currently the binding doesn’t support the USER_CODE command class which I think is fundamental to using this device. It’s not a hard command class to add, but I’ve not got anything to test against so it’s not top of my list at the moment as it’s always a pain to try and test something remotely…

(Max1968) #3

I have this Zipato tag reader for testing since the weekend, in combination with a zipabox, and i’d also like to see this integrated into openhab one future day… The Tag reader works fine, but the zipabox software to me is kind of pre-beta quality…

(Michael Monster) #4

I got the Zipato Mini Keypad and added it to my OpenHab installation. Unfortunately I can not get the ID of the entered code. Anyone knows how to identify the user disabling the alarm?

If someone can guide me, I would like to update the binding to include more info.