Zipato z-wave devices

Hi all,

I’m looking into setup my home automation with openHAB and some Zipato devices, especially micro module switch ( Does anyone has any expirience with zipato devices ? I couldn’t find any examples for devices other than RGBW bulb, but i suppose it is not a problem to set it up, am I ritght ?


Hi Marek,

currently the Zipato RGBW bulb indeed is the only “official” supported Zipato device. See the database:

Of course nearly anyone can add new devices to the database to get them (fully) supported. If Zipato has a good documentation (but I am quite sure they haven’t… :frowning: ), where you can find especially the configuration parameters of each device, adding a device to be supported is quite easy.

Furthermore it might help if the device(s) are already listed in other zwave related databases, e. g. Pepper:, so we can use the data from there.

Hi Stefan,

there is user manual for zipato switch:

it looks quite extensive, a lot of z-wave commands are described in the programming section. I’ve never used openHAB with z-wave and i’m not familiar with the z-wave protocol so i’m not able to tell if this is enough information without spending my time to learn this stuff. If You are expirienced enough with z-wave and openHAB maybe You could tell if this is enough just by looking at this documentation :stuck_out_tongue:.

The manual looks good. For a complete DB entry you need the association groups and the configuration parameters. Both are provided by the manual. These data has to be added manually to the DB.

So here is what you have to do (assuming that you have correctly running OpenHAB with HABmin and a zwave stick):

  1. Include the device (even though it isn’t yet supported). This will produce a XML file for this device.
  2. Upload the XML file to the database from Chris Jackson (how to: DB Guide).
  3. Manually add the assoc. groups and config parameters (or find someone wo will do this for you… :wink: ).
  4. Wait until Chris Jackson approves the data -> Device is supported
  5. Download the newest zwave binding and use it with your Installation -> Device is fully functional for you.

That’s how it works. I hope I haven’t forgot anything…

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Hi Stefan,

Thank You very much for the tips. So I try this when I get my zipato device :slight_smile:

Thanks @jaydee73.

I think this device looks quite normal, so it should work fine with OH once it’s in the database…

ok, i beleive that some zipato devices are the same as philio devices (micro module switch dual from zipato looks exactly like philio pan04). I compared docs of both devices and they are the same. And philio devices are supported by openHAB :slight_smile: and philio is slightly cheaper so i bought it instead.

This is an even better solution. :wink: So you have device support right out of the box.

Zipato smart home automation system controllers has very unique design with more advance technology than Veralite. I have put Zipato ziga box for my home automation.It’s simple to install with neatly designed user friendly interface.It works locally in the network without the continuous need for internet connection.Earlier, they used to maintain their own servers which resulted in network connectivity problems. Now, they have moved Amazon cloud based servers which fixed all the problems and also improved the productivity.It also supports other non z-wave protocols with extension modules.I think it’s print on the home automation segement will start now after this switch over. Definitely, a product to have to unleash it’s feature and potential for a smart home.

I have some of these set up and working well - what help do you need?

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