ZMNHIA2 qubino Thermostat Setpoint is 0

hello people

I have tried to make this qubino termostat working with no luck yet… i think i manage to do something correct, but its not working so obvius i to something wrong… :smile:

item file:

Number  Meter_FF_GulvYtre       "Meter gulv ytre [%s]"     (Temperature,GF_Ytregang)               { zwave="6:command=METER" }
Number  Meter_FF_Power  "Effekt Gulvvarme [%s W]"          (Temperature,GF_Ytregang,Lights)        { zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_W,refresh_interval=60" }
Number  Meter_FF_PowerT "Total energy ytre [%.2f KWh]"     (Temperature,GF_Ytregang,Lights){ zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_KWh,refresh_interval=60" }
Number  Temperature_GF_GangYtre "Temperatur [%.1f °C]"     (Temperature,GF_Ytregang)               { zwave="6:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_ype=1" }
Number  Status_GF_GangYtre      "status GangYtre [%s]"                          (Temperature,GF_Ytregang)               { zwave="6:command=THERMOSTAT_MODE" }
Number  Setpoint_GangYtre       "Setpoint GangYtre [%s]"  (Temperature,GF_Ytregang) { zwave="6:command=THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT" }


Selection item=Status_GF_GangYtre mappings=[0="OFF",11="Normal",2="blue",3="Auto"]
Setpoint item=Setpoint_GangYtre icon="heating" minValue=0 maxValue=25 step=0.5

in the openhab.log i get no error message when changing between off and auto… if i try “blue” it get an error message but thats correct becuse module not support the value 2

I do not manage to change setpoint it just returns to 0 for some reason…

The temprature readling is working… 11.8 C in the floor now…
The mode looks like working… hard to test when setpoint is 0…
But setpoint is 0 and stays 0

Her is the events.log output:

2015-10-20 19:33:25 - Setpoint_GangYtre received command 0.5
2015-10-20 19:33:25 - Setpoint_GangYtre state updated to 0.5
2015-10-20 19:33:25 - Setpoint_GangYtre state updated to 0

I have a heatit termostat to, and that work perfect with the same commands.
What can i try to make a progress with this?


It might be a little bit picky, but setpoint isn’t “is and stays” 0. It’s changed to 0.5 and immediately after changed to 0.

What value is returned from command THERMOSTAT_MODE?