ZMNHVD Flush Dimmer 0-10V and IS140-2 PIR sensor with relay with no zwave_neighbours

i have 2 x IS140-2 PIR sensor with relay with no zwave_neighbours and 1 x ZMNHVD Flush Dimmer 0-10V

I don’t get why, can i change anything to the mesh to help or ?

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The unknown versions of openHAB are no longer supported. :thinking:

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Why do you think they need neighbors? What does the routing table look like? That’s the important one.

Quick… charge that phone!


Well it is openhab 3 i use, didn’t know that my question was not openHAB related. And I know that every one is here for fun and there own interest.

Question is there any way to change the routes in openHAB or optimize the Z-Wave

Generally, it is not recommended to use OH3 - note that there are no changes going into OH3 for the ZWave binding.

No. The controller and devices are in charge of routing.

You did not give us enough information to help YOU solve your problem. OpenHAB3 is not currently usable. The latest Stable version is 2.5.2.

Normally unstable Snapshot bindings ar ebit guranteed to work. For openHAB3, I estimate the release may be late 2021. It is not even fully functional yet. Users of SNAPSHOTS are expected to search & file issues on GitHUB.
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