Zmodo Greet / Doorbell camera / Doorbell MQTT

Hey guys. I’m looking for a more economical doorbell camera than the Ring doorbell and came across good reviews for Zmodo Greet ( . Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it does not expose a local IP camera. Has anyone gotten this to work with OpenHAB somehow?

Moving beyond this product, does anyone know of a different option outside of the Ring doorbell which is too expensive for my budget? As a last resort, is there an off-the-shelf MQTT doorbell that is powered by the doorbell transformer and can also chime the mechanical bell?

I’m also trying to figure out the best option for a doorbell. I’m wondering if anything would be possible, which doorbell would be the de facto doorbell OpenHAB users go to?

Just don’t buy the Zmodo Greet. To put aside factor of working with OpenHAB, Zmodo Greet is an awful video doorbell with awful features and capabilities.

I was in the same situation as you and looked for a cheap alternative for the Ring Video Doorbell. As a result, I ended up purchasing the Ring Pro.

My Zmodo Greet constantly malfunctioned, didn’t record vids and caused dozens of other problems. If I had to recommend anyone a video doorbell, the best option out there is either purchasing the Skybell HD or the Ring Pro. Plus, best to my knowledge, both of these video doorbells support OpenHAB integration.

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Hey Dude,
I think this list will help you a lot . I think Honeywell is good option for you.