Zoneminder binding not available in PaperUI on OH2

Hi all,

I’m looking to install the Zoneminder binding using PaperUI but it is not in the list of bindings.

It is however there on GitHub… Zoneminder binding

Can anyone let me know how to install a binding from GitHub?

Many thanks

It’s available in the snapshot release:

You could try to put the downloaded jar into your addons folder, but I would not recommend it. If there have been changes to the runtime which have to match the binding you are out of luck:$org.openhab.binding.zoneminder/

Or try to do a
feature:install openhab-binding-zoneminder through karaf (never tried that from a stable release …)

Thanks @sihui,

I upgraded my OH2 installation via openhabian-config (my installation was done by openHABian which was put together by @ThomDietrich ). Makes things nice and easy for those linux-challenged people like myself :slight_smile:

I now see the binding there.