Zoneminder Feature Idea/Request - Extended channels

Been using the Zoneminder binding and been very happy with it. I’ve created some very nice dashboards for monitoring and updating information based on Events. I love the ability to Configure the Image and Video URLS via channels.

Would it be possible to set an “Everything” channel? Example

Update Everything Channel with monitor ID “5”, and have ALL channels for state, cause, notes, length…(all monitor items) update to that monitor.

This would allow for very complicated dashboard layouts that could be configured with minimal code for configurations with many many cameras.

Ideas? Any reason this could cause problems? Thanks

Interesting idea. I can see the value of this from a UI perspective.

So these channels could be on the bridge thing, or alternatively a new thing type specifically designed for showing the data for any monitor.

Currently the monitor things show the result of the latest poll. Would you want to see that data, or would you rather see the monitor info at the time you set the monitor number on the monitor id channel (i.e. force a new poll)?

I would like to see the data when you set the monitor number on the monitor ID channels. For my use case I don’t think polling the ZM server at this time is completely necessary but it wouldn’t hurt either. I can see advantages to polling immediately.

My use case has a UI display with live video feed, Number of events for hour, day, week, Reason for last event/notes, status, etc. On the right I have button to send the monitor ID to switch between the cameras on the larger half of the page. This is also set by recent motion, or if enabled a cycle rule that just rotates through one at a time.

What is the official method for features/bug fixes? Is there an upstream github outside of the openhab-addons? There is also a minor bug I found (I think) where the image and video URL items do not contain the port numbers when using a multi-port configuration. This is where zoneminder uses a base port (30000 for example) and each camera/monitor gets it’s ID number added to that port. Camera ID 5 will have it’s video streams on 30005 for example. This helps get around the max of 6 streams from a single endpoint in most browser libraries.