Zoneminder (or other home-surveillance-solution) advice wanted?

Hi all,

a few questions to all ZoneMinder users.
I’m running openhab2 on a RaspberryPi3 with ssd-harddisk and I want to use zoneminder as surveillance solution integrated in openHAB2.
(capture, analysis, recording and monitoring up to 4-5 security cameras)
I don’t have any experience with zoneminder or any other home-surveillance-solution.

I would like to know if it’s possible to run zoneminder on the same RaspberryPi3?
Or should I buy a second RaspberryPi3 exlusively for zoneminder?
Or should I use another hardware/software?
How does your setup looks like?

Seen from a technical perspective there shouldn’t be any problems. I don’t know if the Raspberry can handle the load, but give it a try :slight_smile:

There is likely not going to be enough ram on the pi too adequately run zoneminder more than two or three cameras.

I’m pretty sure at a minimum you would want to run it in its own Pi , but you will still be very limited.

Just checked my virtual machine running ZM. It is conbsuming 2 GB, so is guess @rlkoshak has a good point :slight_smile:

I bought an ODROID XU4 to install zoneminder on. I haven’t done it yet but will report once I have some experience with it.

Thanks to everybody!

I am very interested to hear about your experiences.

I have not expected that even a separate RPi might be not enough.
I’ve searched the web for more information now and I’m thinking about wether it would be better to use a proper nvr-recorder or a nas-system.
But would it be possible to integrate such a system into openhab2?

Btw: Searching for nvr I found this information about NVR’s Bitrate interesting. I think that might be a problem as well, if I would be using a rpi and 4 or 5 full-hd-cams. As you say: “but you will still be very limited”.

Right, according to my research the Pi3 just doesn’t have the specs to really handle multiple video streams, especially HD. This likely won’t change even with different software. I went with the ODROID because it’s got better specs and seemed like a lot of power for the price.

I wanted ZM to run five IP cameras each with motion detection and fairly high resolution. Lots of dire warnings on internet forums about how greedy zoneminder is, so bought a cheap i5 PC to use as a server. I needn’t have bothered - usually around 15% utilisation.

An i5 server is so much more powerful as to be capable of orders of magnitude more than a Pi. They really are not all that comparable. And like I said, the big issue is ram, not cpu. ZM doesn’t really hot the CPU hard but it is very memory hungry.

I have only one stream right now and it uses more ram than is available on a pi 3.

I am reassured I did not waste my money, then!