Zoneminder-Server Binding error

I have a problem with my Zoneminder Server binding.
I have tested it on a Virtual box (ubuntu server), and there is all OK,
but on my “Real” ubuntu-server there is a error:

Can't get version information
  • The complete setup was the same as in the Virtual box.
  • I disabled the complete firewall
  • uninstall/install Zoneminder Binding

Nothing changed…

Can anyone help me???

What versions of OpenHab and Zoneminder are you using? I have ZM pretty deeply integrated in my OH.

Im using version…
openhab 3.1.0
zm: 1.34.26
in my virtual box there is all OK, but on my server…

The first thing the binding does is call the ZoneMinder API to get the ZoneMinder version. If this fails, then that suggests there’s some connectivity issue between OH and ZM.

Yes thats clear, but where is the problem.
From the outside = Virtualbox i can connect.
Maybe the problem is that my Openhab and Zoneminder server are the same PC…
Is this a “nat” problem??
Is there a possibility to check this in terminal?

Sorry, I have no idea.

No, I wouldn’t expect this to be an issue.

Don’t know.

I don’t know, but you should be able to check it from a browser running on the same host as where ZM and openHAB are running.

If you put the above url in the browser, you should get a response that looks similar this.

"version": "1.34.22",
"apiversion": "2.0"

I am experiencing the same issue, but my browser returns what it is supposed to…

version	"1.32.3"
apiversion	"1.0"

All the other parameters that I enter are : ip address (leave the port blank as it is default) and and authentication username and password (the default ones). So where can I find the connectivity issue?

No, you’re not.

According to the binding documentation here, you need to be running Zoneminder 1.34.0 and API version 2.0.


The binding requires ZoneMinder version 1.34.0 or greater and API version 2.0 or greater. It also requires
that you enable the OPT_USE_API parameter in the ZoneMinder configuration.

well that was unexpected! anyway I will go and upgrade and see how it goes! Thanks for pointing it out

There were BIG changes in the API between 1.32 and 1.34, which makes is why there’s no longer any support for 1.32.

My solution:
I add my gateway/internal server IP address to /etc/hosts
ip.ip.ip.ip my.external.hostname

And all works fine :slight_smile:

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