ZOOZ Outdoor Motion ZSE29 Binary Sensor Switch is NULL

I did include the above thing and linked a channel to the Binary sensor item. Like a couple of other indoor sensors (DIMM and Fibaro) I expected to see the state of the Binary sensor in HABMIN and use it in rules, but it appears to be NULL. On the positive side the device will fire a Basic Set to the Node that controls the outdoor lights via ASSOCIATIONS, so I have minimum ON/OFF operability. As an aside I do get a status in HABMIN on two other items in this device (Battery and Burglar Alarm), so it is only the Binary Sensor.

I’m on an recent Zwave

191 │ Active │ 80 │ │ org.openhab.binding.zwave

snapshot with an AEON Z-stick in a RPi3. I contacted ZOOZ support and got this response:

> Binary sensor was used for motion reports in the older generation Z-Wave so today most motion reports will be sent using security notifications. I’m not sure what the equivalent of that would be in open z-wave - do you see any type of other notifications coming from the sensor in your hub so you can match them to motion events?

In answer to the ZOOZ support question, if I activate DEBUG I can see the BASIC SET being sent, but no change in the status of the Binary Sensor. At the INFO level I get nothing. Note, as this is not an access control device it is not set-up with security per the guidelines (battery life and network latency).

As all that as background; Is there a way to change just this device (node19) to use network Security in order to see if I can get something to write rules with (without messing up the rest of the Nodes)? I guess a secondary question; Is there any comment to the ZOOZ support assertion that Binary Sensors are not used in reporting with newer devices?

More to my original post:
Maybe I am off on the network security request. Do we have in OpenHAB/zwave what the ZOOZ support describes or did the Binary sensor just not get configured right ? (I did delete it and relinked it once already.

> Yes, a security notification (I believe it’s home security notification or similar) should be sent from the sensor anytime motion is detected. It’s not the same as the security command class (to enable security S2 protocol) but a type of notification the sensor will send when motion is detected. Please let me know if that’s clear or if you’d like us to request more detailed specification from our developers.

The other thing I noticed is the ZSE29 manual has a COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION_v4, but the XML file does not. Could that be it?
network_de9088fc__node_19.xml (9.9 KB)

By “security notifications” this does not mean security - it means that the ALARM command class, or as it is more recently known, the NOTIFICATION command class. This is how I would expect your notifications to be sent.

So the missing Command_Class_Notification in the XML file for the Node is likely the problem? If yes, is this missing from the Zwave database (I did not see a Notification command class in the ZSE29 device list, but it may go as something else) or did I just not get it included properly?

No - it’s not missing. It’s the ALARM command class.

ok I see that

Eliminating notifications as an issue means the basic problem is the Binary Sensor is not being updated from Null to either OFF or ON (hence nothing to Notify/Alarm in the event log) despite motion causing the device to trigger an Association Node with a Basic Set. In your opinion is this a device issue? Are the other Motion Binary Sensors (Fibaro and DIMM) updated by the Device or by software or some combination of both?
As noted earlier I have some functionality with the Association groups, so is not a burning priority. I know you are very busy

It might be smart to share the offending Item and channel details.

I’m always conflicted to even post because everyone is so much more knowledgeable, but in this case I felt it might help the community of those looking at the ZSE29, even though I am kind of making do with the limitation. Anyway here are two files that might help. The first is an extract of an OpenHAB start event log where the channels and items are added and then one by one updated from Null to something (with of course the exceptions of Node 17 and Node 19 binary switches). Those are the ZSE29 nodes that stay NULL. The second was when I activated the zwave DEBUG. It is an extract of the Node 19 activity (I was playing with it on my desk at the time. As an apology in advance, I did start with the Debug viewer, but for me, at my experience level, I just put into excel (but I had to convert to text to upload here). I tried to highlight the Basic Set ON/OFF activity I was talking about above to a light next to me. At no time did I get an event change notification on the Binary Sensor in the events log file. Anyway if these are even worthwhile and you see something, let me know. Thanks for your interest.

startup-extract.txt (32.9 KB)
node19 test.txt (15.5 KB)

To close the loop this appears to be a hardware “feature” . Below is my last exchange with ZOOZ support. I’m working around it but it might be of interest to others considering this device.

Me:After conferring with the openHAB community, I don’t think the problem is the lack of notification. That command class is present and reporting on the Battery and Burglar alarms items in the sensor. Since the binary sensor does not change from NULL there is nothing to trigger a notification. I guess the question is why is the binary sensor not being updated upon motion. Is that by design? My other sensors (Fibaro and DIMM) update the binary sensor when motion is detected or times out (and then I get a notification)

Them: Thanks for getting back to us.
That’s right - new Z-Wave specification (Z-Wave Plus) doesn’t use the binary sensor to report motion anymore. The sensors need to use a different type of notification (home security alert) to report motion, as this is per Z-Wave Plus specifications.

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