Zooz S2 usb z-wave stick intermitent

total novice/newb, I just installed a zooz S2 usb z-wave stick, and it seems to be intermittent - going on and off-line randomly/frequently.

I’m running a fresh install of openhab 2.5.1
running on a lenovo laptop running ubuntu 18.04.4
Java is Zulu 8

have others experienced this problem and what can i do about it?


Have you gone through the steps here? What do the logs say? Is power management turned off for the USB ports?

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I saw this reference on another site.

The modemmanager package will interfere with any Z-Wave or Zigbee stick and should be removed or disabled. Failure to do so will result in random failures of those integrations. For example, you can disable with sudo systemctl disable ModemManager and remove with `sudo apt-get purge modemmanager