Zooz ZEN05 Outdoor Plug -- Help Adding to Database

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I created an account on opensmarthouse.org, unfortunately I cannot upload the XML to add a device that I need support for. So, I’m hoping that someone that may have access to perform this process can upload it for me (or perhaps verify it’s not within the latest binding),

I’m attaching the XML file which I downloaded from: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/4676?selectedFrequencyId=1

ZC14-22070125.XML (20.4 KB)

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The xml that needs to be uploaded is generated by the zwave binding in OH and in the userdata/zwave folder. That said, there is a zen05 in the the DB. Have you tried to include/scan your device?

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, the device was scanned but unfortunately I forgot to provide some much needed information (apologies).

3.3.0 - Release Build
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As for the XML, thanks for the clarification. I do have the XML file sourced from ‘/var/lib/openhab/zwave’. I’ll go ahead and download the latest jar file from here https://ci.openhab.org/job/openHAB-ZWave/.

ZOOZ_ZEN05.XML (10.0 KB)

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Edit; OK, just updating my post here. Had a bit of an issue as the 4.0 caused me quite a bit of an issue. Had to restore from backup then upgrade to 3.4.4. I do see a channel for the Zen05 (switch) if I add it manually from the UI. However, I’m file based so I’m looking to see where the Thing Type ID is located.

Much appreciated … I think we were both replying at the same time.

Just created a ThingID of ‘zwave:zooz_zen05_00_000’

It’s not

Edit: it looks like 3.4.4 has the device. Upgrade to latest patch release

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