Zooz ZEN06 Plug Power Monitoring

Hi all,
So I am extremely new to openHAB, but I just got a few things hooked up and running. I’m using the HUSBZB-1 stick, and have Z-Wave bindings working (still fiddling with Zigbee on the USB stick). It’s running on a Raspberry Pi 3 on OpenHabian, with OpenHAB 2.1.

I’m having some trouble with a Zooz ZEN06 Plus Plug, which has energy monitoring. It seems to report properly, but only when something triggers a manual refresh, and not automatically on the timing cycle (30 sec for Watts, 300 sec for KWh). I can switch power on/off on the device, and everything appears to operate correctly aside from the auto-update of the energy usage.

If I use HABmin, in the device description I can manually refresh and it updates to the UI (and propagates to the phone openhab app), but until then it will not. Is there a simple step I’m missing? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Nevermind. It looks like PaperUI was throwing 500 server errors and not saving any of the config options (still is). HABmin allows the changes to save properly, and it reflected the changes to the Association Group and intervals / change thresholds that I thought I was changing, but it wasn’t honoring them.

Seems to be working properly now, but unsure as to why PaperUI refuses the changes. And I imagine I have a bit of learning to do with regard to the Association Groups and how those affect passive monitoring without issuing a refresh.