Zooz zen17 relay/sensor

I hate to even comment, since I misunderstood once, do not have your device and it is late again, but the question I have is still what are you trying to do? i.e. why do you need more than the two channels available. It seems to me only two things (garage doors or whatever) can be controlled with a two relay switch, but I will stand corrected again, if enlightened.

As to the XML situation, this is at the far end of my knowledge, but I believe the XML generated by the binding in the userdata/zwave folder is not the same a generated from the community database and used in the binding. From my copy of the binding code XML there are only two channels.
zen17_0_0.xml (15.6 KB)

As to my other “parameter” post, there are a few missing parameters in the XML from the device manual, but they hardly seem relevant (and that was probably the decision of the person updated the database). It’s hard to say there is a database issue without understanding what you are trying to do?

Hope this is helpful


That is the configuration section aka Parameters. The channels are in the Endpoints.

@apella12 – Sorry, I thought I had explained what I’m trying to do.

I have two garage doors and two openers. I’ve built two switches that detect when a door is closed. I’m attaching the relay outputs of the Zen17 to the garage door opener buttons.
What I’d like to be able to do is control the relays and to read the switches.

It looks like the default behavior of the Zen17 is to “connect” the switch through to the relay. My discussions with Zooz indicate that this can be turned off, and that the relay is controllable independent of any switch input. So: two relay outputs plus two switch inputs.

My (niave?) understanding is that the two switch inputs are available via the existing channels, but I don’t see channels to control the relays.

Re: “XML situation” – The XML I posted (the second time) came directly from my zwave folder… I haven’t monkeyed with it at all…


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I was not complaining about your XML, just my apparent lack of skill. I have not really read many xml files in detail. I probably read the binding xml files more. to be honest.

So if I understand correctly you want the relay device to notify about voltage on each input? (assuming that your switches provide voltage when the door is either open or closed). If yes, that is more of a sensor function than a switch. Does Zooz say the device will report voltage on the inputs?

I do have dual relays (not from Zooz), so this may not be relevant. The inputs are for the manual switch to control the output. If there was no manual switch, nothing would be connected to the inputs and OH would be the only means to control. This seems to align with this statement

the relay is controllable independent of any switch input

I also have zwave ECO 2.5 tilt devices on my garage doors that indicate an open or closed status. (I do not have OH integrated to actually open or close them) Do the switches you have send Zwave info to OH?

Just trying to understand.


The Zooz device is designed to detect the state of a simple open/closed switch connected to either of the switch inputs. I want to be able to see the state of these switch states in OH via zwave (I think the existing XML supports this, but I honestly haven’t tried it yet, as I was concerned about needing the relay functionality also).

The device also has two relays that (according to Zooz) are controllable via zwave. I’d like to be able to control them with OH.

As I am kind of new to this, I’ll include the following note: I’m not completely clear as to whether the existing channels represent the switch inputs or the relay outputs… I was getting really confused by terminology between OH and the Zooz documentation. So, it’s possible that I’m backwards, and the existing channels can be used to control the relays rather than read the switch states.

From the binding perspective, it can be either - the big question is how the device works. If the device sends a switch status report due to a status input (eg wired to a door sensor) then the binding will report this in the state of the channel / item. On the other hand, if the endpoint on the device is an output and used to control the state of a door, then it will allow you to set the state when you send a command.

Currently from reading the above it’s unclear what the device does so I can’t really comment further.

FWIW- I think I now understand what you are trying to do. The non-Zooz relays that I have are set-up to control (relay the power), not to report the status of the switches, so my bias is towards your backwards idea that the device channels control the relays, not report the status of the inputs, but I could be wrong. The wall switch in my situation is irrelevant. Either flipping up or down it will do the opposite of the lights current state (if that makes sense). It sounds like the binding can handle either scenario. May just need to wire it up and see.


Does the posted XML provide any hints? Perhaps they added new channels with the later firmware?

No - the XML will just show (for example) that there is a BINARY_SWITCH - but this could be used as an output, or an input (ie a command or status). Consider a device such as a wall controller - many have two channels - one that is physically connected to a relay to control a light (or a dimmer) and the other is a virtual switch channel that can be used to control another device. This is effectively what we are talking about here - one is commandable and controls a light (or it could control a garage door), while the other just sends out status updates (in this case when the button is pressed on the wall, but it could just as easily be a door open/closed status).

This device just shows the two endpoints which are showing as a switch - I can’t tell a lot more.

I wondered if there were now 4 switches instead of 2.

It looked like there were only 2 endpoints, and I don’t recall other command classes that could be used to report such as binary sensor or notification classes.

OK thanks Chris.

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If sounds like the zwave binding configures the device based on the XML. My question is this: does the device manufacturer provide the XML?

Sorry for asking, but where does this leave me? Is there a path to me getting this to work, or should I be looking for a new device?


The XML is a presentation of the features that the device itself announces that is has.
It is not telling you about any remotely readable inputs separated from the relays, there’s simply not enough channels

If it is somehow possible, you’ll have to get Zooz to tell you the secret handshake.
You’d probably then need to re-discover the device, because it’s going to produce different XML.

Indirectly, yes. The binding sends a NIF (Node Information Frame) and the device firmware is required to respond with the information logged in the xml file. The device manufacturer controls the content of the file, but not the XML format.

As to going forward, looking at the manual it appears the Garage door mode has the garage door opener buttons on the inputs for Zwave control under the wiring guide and the relay connected to opener motor. The Smartest House sells a garage door kit with a relay (Zen16) and two zwave tilt sensors to report door status. It seems to me you are trying to fit 4 kilos into a 2 kilo bag with the two non-zwave switches you built. So IMHO, to use most of what you have, you need another Zen17 relay. One to report status of your DIY switches and another to operate the doors (or give up on the DIY switches and buy 2 zwave tilt sensors)


I have one of these… at the simplest form, I use Relay 2, controlled by ZWave (Openhab 3.1), to turn on the Garage door button. OF Course… even using their parameter as a garage door opener, it is stupid… because it sets to be on for like1 or 2 seconds… which re-pushes the garage door button and reverses the door’s direction. So, I had to just set it as an on/off switch in the params. (I forgot to mention that I have 2 small wires leading to my garage door button hanging on the wall. It really is just a closing the contact.)
Back to my fix… I had to write a rule that when the Garage Door switch receives the ON cmd, 300 milliseconds later send the Off command . This simulates what the Garage door button on the wall is actually doing. And shows the toggle button in the off position again in your GUI on the phone or HomePage

MY ISSUE, is that I have set S1 to be a open/close contact. This runs to a magnetic contact on my garage door and will either open or close the circuit. This Zoos Relay thingy will not provide a value for this. I Even set the param, Excluded the device from the ZWave network and re-scanned it and brought it back in… per the manual’s instructions. This in turn created a new THING that has 2 channels. One for the On/Off switch (Relay #2) and Sw1 as a contact. But I can’t get it to get a value.
I know I kinda rambled on here… sorry. At least the Relays are controllable by Openhab… I am either using the contact mode improperly… or they need a F/W update to correct it.
Bottom line… you should not have to mess with connecting it to your motor… just the contacts on your Garage door button.

Have you contacted Zooz support? They can be very helpful and have assisted in getting their products supported in openHAB.

I have not as of yet.
Once I get a chance I may open a ticket with them.
I just discovered another undesired behavior with this relay.
During my Openhab2.5 days, I used a raspberry Pi with a Pi-Face board that had a couple of relays.
With a python script I could set the Garage door to fully open, 2 ft up or 3 inches without any issue.
With this Zooz Relay thing, I find it doesn’t respond very quickly, so even pushing my GUI button, I can’t make it stop at any desired height effectively. I’m beginning to think that it is not useful as a (advanced) Garage Door opener tool :slight_smile:
It works OK as a simple open and close device… but… we’ll see once I mess around with it a little more.