Zooz Zen26 Switch not recognized

Just ordered a few more Zen 26 switches from Zooz, along with a dimmer model. I already have a couple installed and working with OH2 and the Aeon Labs Z-Stick (black version).

I can get the new switch through inclusion, however it says is can’t be found in the database and I cannot control it. After exclusion, inclusion, factory reset of the switch (3 clicks on and hold for 10 seconds), still no luck. I thought there may be something wrong with that switch, so I swapped to another one of the new ones. Same exact problem.

I’m not extremely well-versed with OH2 or z-wave, but I don’t recall having these problems in the past. Is there something simple I’m missing?

I am not sure about you, but I am missing what version of openHAB you are running :wink:

I believe those switches were added to version 2.5.8.

I would have posted that, but I honestly don’t remember and I’m not able to check at the moment. What I do know, is I just downloaded/re-installed openhabian a week ago, so unless something was changed since then I should have the latest version.

I will double check OH version, update if necessary, and post results.

If you installed a week ago you should be ok. @5iver do you have any hints on these?

2.5.9 Release…

Update: It seems that a restart has resolved the “unidentified device” problem. I’m still having some issues, as I have three new switches showing as “offline - communication error”.

I’ll try exclusion/inclusion again to see if that clears things up unless there are any other recommendations.

Nope… just a typical mains powered switch.

Are all of the new devices included and working? Are these offline devices possibly ghost nodes from resetting the device before excluding? What else do you have in the rest of the network? Maybe these are new devices that are out of range? Have you looked at the logs?

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I believe these are ghost devices, but what’s strange is that I added two different switches, but it is seeing three ghost devices.

After a few minutes, one of the three devices showed online. I linked this device to an item but it is not responsive, although it still shows online. Other anomalies are that the properties show no zwave neighbors and on the Habmin panel network viewer, the node in question is shown not connected to any other node in my zwave topology, including the controller.

I’ve looked briefly at the logs, but didn’t see anything that stood out as being a problem.

No reason why they should, until after a network heal. Won’t stop it working.