Zooz Zen32 Scene controller not a thing

  • Platform information:
    • Pi 4b, 4GB, 32GB MicroSD
    • Raspberry Pi OS
    • openHAB version: 3.4.2
      ZooZ ZEN32 Unknown Device
      I read in this forum that the ZEN32 was once in the Z-Wave thing database but was removed. No reason provided. I’d like to use one, but unsure whether I should start researching how to add a device to the database, or if there is a simpler path.

Please advise.


I have 8 of these working just fine.

Nope. I’ve got a ZEN32 up and running just fine.

You can always check the z-wave database yourself here:

If you have tried to include and getting unknown, what numbers does OH return? Sometimes those change and need to be added. The DB is 027A:7000:A008. If this is a theoretical question the other posts indicate it should work.

The device shows up as zwave:device:1b10bf339c:node32. The zwave:device:1b10bf339c:node6 was also added to the inbox at the same time which is a keyfob that’s been lying around since before I installed openhab. Neither is showing up on the network map. The open log shows both " Added new thing ‘zwave:device:1b10bf339c:node32’ to inbox" and “Added new thing ‘zwave:device:1b10bf339c:node6’ to inbox.” about 10 days ago when I installed it, 19ms apart. Nothing in the event log about either.

I was looking at the database here htps://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zwave/doc/things.html. What is the relationship between opensmarthouse and openhab?

Do I need to take my smart stick off the Pi and try to pair it closer to the device? There’s another zwave device about 12 feet away so it should be able to find it, and it is supposed to be a new fangled more powerful device in any case.


I would try to exclude, then include again. If that doesn’t work, reset the ZEN32, then include again…

To reset the switch, press and hold the switch button for 20 seconds until the LED indicator changes to solid red. Release the button, and immediately after, tap remote button 1 once to complete the reset. The LED indicators on all buttons will flash red to confirm a successful reset.

If you reset, you will likely end up with ghost nodes. You will want to clean those up. Plenty of info available on how to do that.

It is insufficient for the devices to just be in the inbox. The inbox is just the place that lists devices that are available for you to install in OH; they are not yet actually installed. In the case of z-wave, all that means is that those devices are registered on the network controlled by your stick. In order for the devices to be able to work with openhab they still need to be added as Things (installed). It is this process that will allow openhab to get relevant information directly from the device including the brand, model, and version numbers that @apella12 asked about.

Opensmarthouse is a site maintained by the developer of the z-wave binding (and others) to provide the community with several useful smarthouse tools. At the moment the ones that are available are for working with z-wave and zigbee such as to open up the z-wave database editing functions to the community. Changes to the database on the opensmarthouse site are regularly compiled into new versions of the z-wave binding in conjunction with some snapshot updates of OH.

It is almost always better if you do not do that (if you are including a secure device, you in fact cannot do that). As long as your stick is capable of doing network wide inclusion and your new device is somewhere within reach of the mesh then just leave the stick in the pi and use OH to do the inclusion. Without further evidence, at the moment it appears that you do not have to include the device at all. It is registered as node32 in your mesh. Unless you have done something such as reset the device already, that inclusion should still be correct. Likely, the only reason it is not talking to OH is that you still haven’t added it as discussed above.

That is not the numbers I was after. This is an example from my system of another device from the UI page for the device.

Perhaps the problem is more low-level than not being in the database, which apparently it is, even though the openhab list of z-wave devices doesn’t include it. Is there a file on my system where I could verify that it is a known device?

The thing configuration doesn’t show the manufacturer.

The fact that you only see 11 device properties and those don’t include the manufacturer ID or REF suggests that the problem is either that your device is not currently properly connected to your network or the device itself is faulty. At this point, your best course of action is to follow the steps listed by @kjknauss for reconnecting the device.

First there has been an issue raised on the zwave github that this list is not in sync with the database. However, be assured that the database information is what is contained in the binding.

There is a chicken and egg problem here. “Known” means the numbers I circled above, not the device common name (Zen32), so finding the entry for Zen32 will not resolve anything. However, if you have a zip extractor that can read a .jar (I use this breezip) the binding is here;

Agree with the reconnect idea of the other posters, but put the zwave binding in Debug for insight to what is going wrong. The picture shows a battery device and the Zen32 is powered