Zooz ZEN76 800LR,


I am looking for a z-wave 3-way switch to purchase for use with OpenHAB. Is the Zooz ZEN76 800LR supported currently? I don’t see it listed in the z-wave database. The only information I found on here is from over 2 years ago stating that it possible works in compatibility mode? If this doesn’t work, then what would be my best option? I’ve been looking on Amazon, but none of the devices I pull up are listed in the z-wave database.

Thank you,

I’d say no device is more than 3 weeks away from being supported. If you already have write access to the ZW DB (read blog) and can type some linux command line you can get an unsupported device running in a few hours. Everyone else falls in-between.

That said, there is a ZEN76 in the DB (added 1-11-2024). One caution is that devices are mostly identified by the TYPE:ID:Version, not model number, so you may have to add a new TYPE:ID or an entirely new entry even for a device listed as supported. The TYPE:ID are normally found on the XML created by OH4 when you include the device.

Oh, that’s a different database than I have been going off of the past few years: Things Summary - ZWave | openHAB Since it wasn’t listed there I had assumed that it wasn’t supported. But, it’s good to know that they are relatively easy to add to the database.

Thank you for your assistance. I will purchase the ZEN76 switch.