Zooz ZSE08 Contact Sensor


I was hoping someone could help me with a Zooz ZSE08 sensor. I am able to add it to my OpenHAB1 installation and it appears in Habmin as Node 5. However, the status icon next to the node is gray and node fails to initialize. Here’s my initialization log (https://pastebin.com/NAmswDAd).

Thanks for your help.

I’ve only had a really quick look at the log, but it looks like there’s no communication with the device. Have you woken the device up a few times, with it close to the controller, so that the binding can configure it? From this log, I think the answer is no and you need to wake it up…

Thanks for the response!

After updating my zwave binding from 1.8.3. to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT, I was finally able to initialize the device. Unfortunately, my zwave.log file is flooded with NODE 7: No database entry: Manufacturer:634 [ID:82,Type:3] messages and when I manipulate the sensor (get pieces close to each other; take them apart; it’s a contact sensor), nothing is showing up in the logs.