Zooz ZSE40 4-n-1 Sensor (V1) checks for and reports motion every 15-20 seconds

It had been working well for the 1st week I set it up, then seemed to lose connection. I excluded/deleted/included it and it started working again, although it will send an motion-off status in 15-20 secs if it doesn’t send any motion.

I set the trigger interval (range of 1-255 min) to higher and higher values and woke the unit back up every time and monitored its update with Log Viewer to ensure it received the new parameter (which is currently now up to the max 255 min). I have reset it and excluded/included it multiple times.

Yet is still resets motion to off after 15-20 secs unless it detects motion.

Anyone have a clue to this aberrant behavior? Wife was about to throw it out the window…

I am sure Zooz support does. They have been extremely helpful to me and to openHAB. I see 2 possible entries in our database and the behavior likely changes depending on the device firmware version.
Email ask@getzooz.com. Let us know what you discover.

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You could work around this issue with a proxy item and a timer or the expire binding.