Zooz ZSE41 Open/Close sensor not working

I’m running OpenHab openhab-3.3.0~M2-1 on a Raspi and I try to get a Zooz ZSE41 open/close sensor to work. I got it added and it shows me the channels. But the values of the motion_sensor channel is always NULL and it doesn’t see when I open or close the sensor. I see the blue light blink so I know it’s up and sees the change.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Do you have 5 lines on the UI page
Five Lines of configured node
or an xml file in the userdata/zwave folder? If not it is not fully included yet. Need to wake it up until those appear.


You have a “motion_sensor” channel? I have this ZSE41 and it has 3 channels, “sensory_binary”, “alarm_access”, and “battery-level”. No “motion_sensor” for it.

I found that I had to press the Z-wave button 4 times fast to wake it up to complete the inclusion. I don’t remember how many times I had to do that, but it did work.

Also, be sure to put the back on when you test. Some Zooz sensors (not 100% sure about this one) will not transmit sensor values with the back off. I think that’s because it thinks it is in tamper alarm.

If all else fails, exclude it, factory reset it, and re-include it. And press that button 4 times quickly afterwards to make sure it completes the inclusion.

I did a few more reset/scan cycles and now it works correctly. I already did at least 10 this morning without luck. Then letting it sit, factory reset, reset/scan got it working. Could it have gotten a firmware upgrade throughout the day and it now works due to that?