ZW096 Aeotec Smart Switch 6 sending weird values since OpenHAB 2.3 update

For my washing machine and dryer I’m using the wattage meter of two ZW096 Smart Switches to know when they start and finish their work.
I’m running OpenHABianPi with OpenHAB 3.0 and ZWave 2.3.0 Binding with Controller Aeotec ZWave Stick Gen5 and 3 Aeotec Smart Switch 6 with newest Firmware (V1.01 EU -

Since upgrading from OpenHAB 2.2 to 2.3 I see once in a while weird distinct single wattage meter values like 130000 Watts (which is obviously wrong) and other high single values who definitely are not from dryer not washing machine.

There is no way to reproduce this behaviour or enforce the devices to send these values.I excluded and included ALL of my 3 switches and swapped them but that didn’t help.

Any further ideas what I could do?

I get odd, even impossible, data from my Aeon HEMs, but I’ve seen this since OH 1.7, so don’t think this is newly introduced. Your hardware could also be going bad or could use a reset. I use a rule to filter out the bad readings…

if (HEM1_Total_Power.state >= 0 && HEM1_Total_Power.state < 60000) {
    //logDebug("Rules", "Power (mains) cleanup filter: success")

It’s unlikely to be related to the version of OH - there were very little changes anyway between the two versions. However, please get the debug log to see what is happening. I’d also suggest to reset the device as we have seen devices getting into strange states.

This happens from time to time with power meters, they sometimes report weird values. I have more than 15 ZW096 and sometimes they also produce such values, so I am also pretty sure it has nothing to do with the OH version. I know this behaviour even from very expensive Watt meters in industrial environments that they sometimes report “fantasy” values far out of possible scope.

Thank you, guys. Gonna start with resetting and reincluding my ZW096. Let’s see how that goes.

Did a device reset resolve this?

I saw this same behavior previously with SmartThings but it eventually calmed down. I recently switched to OpenHAB (And REALLY like it in comparison) but the bogus readings have returned. Things like 135kW reading on a clamp that is only rated up to 24kw (one side of a 200a 240v meter).

With SmartThings I think the issue was data corruption in the z-wave transmission as I just had too many devices reporting too frequently on a single network - I ultimately introduced a 2nd hub to split things up some which seemed to alleviate the issue.

Where/how would I introduce a piece of logic to simply discard measurements outside of the possible real-world range? My ZW095 reporting that my house voltage 16.9 kV is another example…