Zw100 security system

Hi, just bought 2 zw100 from chine (hope they are not contaminated with covid19 :slight_smile: ) and I would like to make a simple security system.
The first question is if it is possible to make a simple switch that will switch on / off the motion detection of the sensor (just to save the batteries life).
The next step would be to make a rule: if the first sensor will detect movement to play a sound on a speaker like a beep maybe and if the first and the second sensors detect movement for 10 or 15 seconds to sent email, turn on all lights and to play a defined message on the speaker connected with webaudio (right now I can play the doorbell mp3 using web audio and a simple switch).
So the request would be:

  1. To activate / deactivate motion through a simple switch
  2. To make a rule that will trigger all above.
    Could someone point me a way to start this?
    Thanks for any tips.

Any manufacturer or link to go with that device model? Device models are not globally unique.
What version of openHAB and Java?
What platform?
After reading the official documentation, what have you tried?

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Right, as the name says it’s a zw100 multisensor 6 from aeotec. I have it connected with a aeotec gen 5 usb stick that holds the zwave network, plugged into a raspberry pi 3 that holds the openHABian server.
I’m posting with my phone so I can’t look for the Java but it’s the one which comes with openHABian.
So far I searched some topics about security systems using this kind of sensors but I couldn’t find one or they are so big that it’s almost impossible to read more than 800 message … so that’s why I decided to make a new topic.

That information was not in your first post. There are several database entries depending on firmware version but I believe the latest 2.5.2 version of OH should have the latest entries.

There is no power switch. You can sometimes turn off some features of a multisensor to possibly extend battery life.
The official documentation should be able to guide you in the proper direction to try rules we han assist you with.

We are group of helpful volunteers, not a Help Desk churning out complete solutions.

I know that, I’m here since 2016 and I didn’t request any help desk just some advice where to start, a link to a similar topic of someone who recently saw or did this kind of request so I don’t look for someone to make any code for me.
Thanks in advance.

ewgor, I use the ZW100 myself. I trigger switching lights when present and send email if I am not at home but motion is detected. You may find the rules at
One level above at
you will find the item definitions by room.
Comments are in german at the moment, but you may find some starting points anyway.

Thanks man, appreciate the relevant post, I’ll take a look and see if I can start with your suggestion.
@Bruce_Osborne man you see, this is the help I was looking for, a real tip from someone who can point the right direction even it’s not the perfect solution, it gives the spark to start!

I was thinking a lot before buying the zw100 when @mstormi recommend them but than I thought why not to buy them? I than decided that I can develop my zwave network with a simple security system so his recommendation came at the right moment so the point is if you want to help please do it.
Thanks again all, I’ll come beck with news about my work (if this topic will not be closed within 72 hours :wink: )

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