Zwave aeotec gen5 siren - unknown device


This is most likely for @chris
I purchased the siren Gen5 from aeotec which is normally known in the zwave database
I added it to my zwave network and it came up as unknown device. This has happened on both systems I have 2.0 and 2.1

I checked the node.xml for this device and I compared it with other node.xml files that have been identified correctly. I also checked this in Chris’ database
I noticed that in the xml of the siren the manufacturer id is 0x86


The database has it as 0086

I changed my node.xml manufacturer ID to 0x086 and voila the device has been recognized

Is the DB wrong or does it need to be updated ? I had the exact same symptom on a friend’s installation with an identical siren

Edit:I also added an extra 0 to the deviceId and deviceType. I attach the original and modified version of the xml

node.xml_modified.xml (6.6 KB)
node.xml_original.xml (6.7 KB)

This is correct. Is there really nothing else that is different to what it shows in the node.xml file? (eg the device type or id).

Well I only changed the manufacturer ID and this alone was enough to be recognized. I deleted the device from openhab (not removed from the z-wave network) and re-added it. It got recognized immediately

I will check in detail later on.

What did you change exactly? My point earlier is that 0x86 is the same as 0086, which is correct for an Aeon product. If the XML and the database were using different formats, then it would not just be your device that wouldn’t work - nothing would work…

I see you have edited your post to make some comment about the device type and id, but I’m not sure what you’ve done. Adding an extra 0 here also would not make any difference. These files are not meant to be edited and simply save information from the device.

I also note that in your ‘modified’ file it has the following -:


This is exactly the same as the original file…

Sorry, but I’m a bit confused - and I don’t see any problem…

I just updated the modified xml because I had made a mistake in uploading it.

I made this post because this is the second time this happens with the exact same model. I add it in openhab and it is not recognised as a aeotec siren (it remained unknown) So i just tried to figure out why this is so by checking the node.xml files. Since this is a plugged in a socket it should have been recognized immediately.
Just for testing I added a 0 in the manufacturer ID and after a refresh of the habmin, the device just passed from unknown to recognized as an aeotec siren
Could it be a coincidence ? No idea. But the fact that this has happened twice with two different purchased devices and two different openhab installations (on 2.0 and 2.1) made me think this is not normal.

In any case this works now so I do not want to waste your precious time. If this is a well known issues maybe somebody else will post here in the future

Many thanks for your quick reply

Where were you uploading it to? The file shouldn’t need to be uploaded - these XML files are there to save data from the device between restarts of the binding.

There is an issue where sometimes you need to restart the binding after discovery, and I suspect this is what has resolved it - not adding the 0 to the binding - this will definitely not matter as it is converted into another format when it is read from the file.

(I should note that the restart issue is resolved in the development version so this will hopefully be rolled into 2.2).

I meant uploading the file to this thread. Sorry I was not clear.

I could be indeed that this was a coincidence although I never restarted the binding to get this recognised. At this point I am not sure. If I test again I will let you know