ZWAVE and 2.5.0 Latest Snapshot


I just upgraded to the latest snapshop 2.5.0. I removed and re-added all my zwave devices.

I am getting the following error:
2019-06-16 19:24:12.880 [ERROR] [lmessage.RequestNodeInfoMessageClass] - Request node info not placed on stack due to error.

Controlling devices from PAPER UI does nothing. Although the logs make it appear that everything is working.

Logs do not see any updates from devices either.
What do I do to make Zwave devices work?

I am going crazy!

  • Hardware:Raspberry PI
  • openHAB version: 2.5.0

2019-06-16 19:24:12.880 [ERROR] [lmessage.RequestNodeInfoMessageClass] - Request node info not placed on stack due to error.

My understanding is that Z-Wave is currently broken in the snapshots. I guess you could run 2,5M1 or 2

What is broken? Do you mean the build process, or something in the binding?

The CI for PRs is not working, but when built as part of the distribution it works as far as I know?

A few weeks ago I tried the snapshot and although OH discovered my devices, I could not control them. Subsequently I saw mention zwave was broken in earlier builds, related to the OH restructuring, I believe. I assumed it was still broken.

Do I need to build my existing zwave network from scratch for OH? I have a HUSBZB-1 controller. I am currently running Home Assistant and my current plan was to set up OH items & rules (with no zwave binding) in preparation to moving my zwave to OH.I now have OH 2.4 (OpenHABian) installed for that purpose. I am running Raspbian Lite on a Pi 3B+.

I think that referred to the fact that the build was broken - not the software itself.

No - the system will re-learn all the devices on the network. You can swap the dongle back and forward between systems.

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In my case, it is stop & start services. (same server).

EDIT: Look at the quotes in this post to see why I thought zwave was broken in snapshots. (bold added by me)

It’s only an issue when using bindings that use the new serial transport ( ) instead of directly. In 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT these are: DSMR, EnOcean, PowerMax, RFXCom, Serial Button, Smartmeter, Plugwise, ZWave.

Ok, but you are still swapping the dongle between systems. Maybe not physically moving it, but you can run different software.

Z-Wave works on my setup with OH2.5 Snapshot S1601, but there are others reporting performance problems as of ± snapshot 1600-1602.

My Z-Wave network is very small (only 1 controller, 3 roller shutters and 3 portable remotes configured as secondary controller) so I haven’t seen the HEAL performance problems reported by others.