zWave and HomeMatic with Raspberry

Hi quys,

my English is unfortunately not so good, please forgive me.

I have some qustions. I will buy a RaspBerry Pi 3, a GPIO Homematic receiver and a zWave USB Stick. Ist it possible to use both with the RaspBerry in openHAB? And is it possible to mix the protocols? Some example:

I will use a zWave Motiondetector and will control a Homematic thing. I hope you understand me and can give me some short ansewers.

Thanks so much!


this works perfectly with openhab. Thats what openhab infact is made for, communications between things over different protocols.
But you should check if your homematic GPIO controller and ZWave Usb Stick are Supported by the Homematic and ZWave bindings.
What Controllers you want to use?


Thanks for the fast answer. I will use this gpio

And this USB Stick

Z-Wave ZME_UZB1 USB Stick für Windows/Linux

I Hope that they are compatible.

Thanks so much.

The ZWave USB Stick works fine with Openhab, I use it myself here.

I dont know about Homematic but you can have a look here: Homematic Binding

Any Homematic experts here?

No homematic experts HERE ?? Please help me :smiley:

HomeMatic should be not an Issue.

You will have to use homegear ( in order to communicate with your devices via the RPi addon. Homegear as a server will act as “virtual CCU”. Homegear and the HomeMatic binding are working perfectly together :slight_smile:

You will find a lot of good tutorials on the web in order to get it up and running