ZWAVE and YALE YRD246 (or YRD256) lock

Hello all,

I am trying to get my new Yale YRD246 lock to work correctly in OH 2.5.0.M3. My Zwave interface is the Aotec Gen5 USB stick.

The YRD246 is the keyless version (numeric keypad (un-)locking only) of the YRD256 which is listed in the Zwave database. My YRD246 is correctly discovered in the paper UI and shown as a YRD256. I assume, then, that ZWAVE fuctionality is identical for the 256 and the 246.

As a first test, I enytered the fiollowing item:

Switch SerrureGarage "Porte du Garage" {channel="zwave:device:d325bddb:node4:lock_door"} 

And I added the following line in my sitemap:

Switch item=SerrureGarage label="Porte du garage"

But when I try to use that switch, the lock does not receive the command and the following error is shown in the openhab log:

[WARN ] [nal.converter.ZWaveDoorLockConverter] - NODE 4: Command class COMMAND_CLASS_DOOR_LOCK not found

Anyone who can help me with this?

Why are you using such an old testing release? Stable releases of 2.5 have been out since late last year.

I see YRD256 listed in the device database but not YRD246. Even if the functionality were the same, they would have different device IDs. The device needs to be added to the database. The current release bindings have not been tested on 2.5M3.

If the lock has been fully discovered, there should be an xml file generated in the zwave directory of userdata.That provides informaton from the device to start adding it to the community supported database.

The database guide is here or, if you provide the needed information, someone here may help.

Are you sure that the device has been securely included into the network? If not, it will not discover the lock command class. This should be shown in the properties.

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.@Bruce_Osborne Thanks for your feedback. I guess I should take the time to update my OH implementation.

There is indeed an xml file associated with the relevant zwave node in my zwave directory. I will look into the possibility you are suggesting (unless I can find a simpler remedy).

@chris Thanks for the tip. I am a newbee at this kind of stuff and I did not know that there is an option about “secure inclusion”. Looking at the properties of my YRD thing,I notice that there is an entry that reads: “zwave_secure false”. If I understand you correctly, this might confirm your suspicion, right?" I don’t know how exactly I can trigger secure inclusion with my Aeotec hub, but I will look into that. Thanks a lot!|

Yes, that’s correct.

The Aeotec stick doesn’t do anything special - the binding does all the heavy lifting. From a user perspective, there’s nothing special to do for the secure inclusion itself, but there are some important points to note to ensure it works -:

  • The device must be reset before starting inclusion
  • Inclusion must be done through the binding (ie the UI) and not using a button on the controller (such as the Aeotec stick)
  • Secure inclusion must happen within 15 seconds of the device being included into the network, or it will never happen. If it fails, you must reset the device and start again.

@chris You are absolutely right: I was doing the inclusion on the controller itself rather than through OH. I started all over again, and now the lock is working fine.

Thus, it appears that the YR256 database entry is covering both the YRD256 and the YRD246.

Many thanks for your assistance!

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Oops, I was too hasty in reporting that everything was working fine. There appears to be a problem in getting my UI keep track of both remote and manual operation of the lock.

Given the following item:

Switch SerrureGarage "Porte du Garage" <lock> {channel="zwave:device:d325bddb:node7:lock_door"} 

and the following line in my sitemap:

Switch item=SerrureGarage label="Porte du garage" icon="lock"

I can then actuate the sitemap switch on and off and the state of the lock will be kept in line with the state of the switch on the UI. But if I the lock was placed in “locked” position using the OH UI, unlocking it manually does not produce an update of the status of the switch on the OH UI. Rather, in that case, the OH display still shows the switch at the “on” position (door locked) while the door is actually unlocked.

How can I fix that problem?

It turns out to be somewhat difficult to relate the channels associated with YRD256 binding to the YRD256 company documentation.

Specifically, I don’t understand the use of the “Alarm (access)” and “Alarm (power)” channels. The “Alarm (raw)” channel appears to be capturing strings that log commands sent (or perhaps received?) by the lock.

Alarm Raw is what you need to use to track manual unlocks/locks. I have a rule via Node-Red that updates the status of the lock based on the Alarm Raw feedback. event: 1,3,5 are Locks and 2,4,6 are Unlocks.

I have the same lock and this method works flawlessly.

See this post from @5iver: Zwave - Yale YRD220 Lock I suspect that your lock will have a similar raw channel but you might need a few updates.

@ae_0017 @jswim788 Many thanks for the tips. You guys are way ahead of me in terms of your knowledge of the relevant programming environment, but I will try find my way through the needed bit here.