Zwave association groups

Hi, I’m new with the openhab and zwave system, I want to know how to configure the association groups.
I need to control a secondary zwave devices when I use the main one (using one device it also controls the others).
Controlling the main zwave device with a physical button that the other secondary devices also perform the same function.
I have verified in the openhab settings of each device that it is possible to define the groups (each group has its function as described in the device manual).
To configure the possibility of controlling all the devices from one only, I must to set in all the secondary nodes the main device node number, or the contrary, on the main node set all the node of the secondary devices?

What version of OpenHAB? There are 3 release types.

  • Stable release, usually every 6 months. The latest, 2.4 was released last December and is considered quite old. They hope to release the next version, 2.5, by the end of the year. There were a couple of major changes this year that affected the release schedule.

  • Testing “Milestone” Release, usually on a monthly schedule.
    The latest, 2.5M4 (2.5 Milestone 4) was just released. I would res\commend this release

  • Unstable “Snapshot” Release usually released nightly. This is mainly for testing new features combined in preparation for the next Milestone.

Thank you for tagging the thread zwave too. Many of the knowledgeable people use those tags.

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I use the milestone version of openhab.

Milestone 3 or 4? 4 was just released within the last day.

It really depends on the devices how to configure this.

On more recent devices, group 1 is normally the lifeline and should only be associated to the controller. Group 1 also only normally supports one device.

The rest of the groups and reports sent to devices configured in those groups is device specific. Some groups may allow multiple devices but most are limited to just a few.

As you have not said what device I can not be specific but it will normally involve adding the controlled devices to a group in the controlling device. If it is a device with multiple endpoints make sure to add the correct endpoints.


The devices are Widom Smart Rollershutter, I would try to configure so that, by pressing the up or down button 2 times (group3) of one of the devices I choose as the main one, the others perform the same function.
Do you have any advice?

To have control over the Basic UI interface it is correct to configure the device in the .items and .sitemaps configuration files like Rollershutter on .items and Default on .sitemaps?
Do you have a complete example to configuring the .items and .sitemaps file for rollershutter?

looks like you can add as many as 8 devices to that group and it will send a basic command class to each of them. Can see no reason why it will not work for some things like dimming a light or turning lights on off. Not sure what another roller shutter will interpret the command as it depends what the basic command is mapped to and that is not clear in the manual.

Did you get any example of working configuration?