Zwave battery device status


I have some zwave battery operated smoke detectors. I want to make sure when they are working properly in terms of joined to the zwave network and battery level is ok.

I just don’t have a clear picture on how the online status works with battery operated devices. I had an device which had an online status, but when I tested the trigger on the device openhab did not receive it. I had to rejoin the device.

Is there some way to determine the battery devices check in once in a while? How does the online thing status work?

Thanks in advance.

A bit mode detail would help the zwave guys. Model, Make?

Yup sure.

It goes for the heiman smoke detector:

As well for the heiman door sensors:

In my items file I have:

Number GarageBattery5 “#5 Garage Battery” {Channel=“zwave:device:cafxxxx6:node21:battery-level”}

In my Sitemap file I have:

Text item=GarageBattery5 label="#5 Garage Battery [%d %%]"

And that shows up the battery level. it’s a bit slow to update, only daily or so, but it works just fine. that shows up in the Android and iOS apps.


@Ira, please use code fences when posting code.
It’s more readable and you don’t end up with funny “quotes”

Thanks, I figured it was just one line, but I shall use them always in the future.


I have the battery channels, but they only update when the device gets triggered. They do not get updated in the daily wakeup. They do update when the device gets triggered. But since this is a smoke detector, they only get triggered by smoke or manually. Not as often as a doormagnet or switch. I not wish to walkthru my house every week :slight_smile: . I need to trust in them to work when the need is there.

And what about the online status?

This can normally be set via configuration parameters. As you did not tell us what device you have you need to look it up in your manual or the database.

Edit: okay, found it. As there are no config parameters at all in the database you are out of luck. Or you maybe have a manual where possible config parameters are mentioned and you can add those to the database. If there is no mentioning of config parameters you may be out of luck at all :grinning:

2nd Edit: The Zipato seems (!) to be the same device, at least in that manual there is something mentioned about battery status:


So please check your logs for daily battery updates or if nothing in the logs switch to debug mode and check the logs again. You may use the Zwave Log Viewer for easier reading.

Thanks sihui, I will deepdive into my zwave logs for the battery status.

Regarding online/offline status. As I wrote in my first post, some Zwave devices are no longer in my network but they still appear as ONLINE in paperui. So i can write rules around that status, but if that status of Zwave battery operated devices is always online, it makes no sense.

I’m looking for background details in how Openhab determines an battery operated device is ONLINE or OFFLINE.

  • Does it determines on missing x wakeups?
  • On no trigger in x days?
  • No logic at all?
  • Others?

Hope this scopes my question further :slight_smile:

Yes - from memory it is 2 wakeups missed.