ZWave Binding: After every restart problem with serial port settings

Hi all,

after every restart of my raspberry pi (using openhabian setup) the ZWave communication does not work anymore. I get error in the logs and the zwave devices do not receive commands.
Every time after a restart I have to do the following procedure to get the ZWave communication work again:

  1. Plug off the ZWave dongle
  2. Restart Pi and wait until booting is complete
  3. Plug On ZWave dongle again
  4. Find serial port with dmesg (which did not change to the last working set-up), meaning this step is not necessary
  5. enter Serial port in OpenHab
  6. et voila, it works again

Do anyone know this behavior or could tell me what to do to avoid this? many thanks!

As I do not run OH on a raspberry pi things might be different but for me (on a Windows platform) it works just to log on to the Karaf console and type

bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.zwave

After that the binding reinitializes and restarts working.

Thanks for the answer!

I will try this workaround Next time i am faced with this Problem after a restart.

But anyway: i dont understand why openhab acts like that and why i do have To do this workaround.

Can anyone explain it?

Well, there are much more things like this in OH where you might ask this question. The basic answer is that it is a open source development with volunteers working on it. At the moment you will find a lot of such examples.

Follow these steps to debug :

  • Plug your ZWave dongle into your raspberry pi and check the port of ZWave dongle this time => port X
  • Then, restart Pi with your ZWave dongle still plug into Pi. Check the port of ZWave dongle after restart => port Y
    If port X difference port Y, the ZWave communication will not work anymore.
    I had similar problem and these steps above are the way to debug this problem.

Look into udev rules so that openHAB will always be configured to use the correct serial port.

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many thanks 5iver! the link you gave to the tutorial works like a charm! great and many thanks

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