Zwave broken in S1597? Transaction Queue get full


I was von 1595 as I had some trouble with association groups so I just upgraded to 1597.

It looks like there is a problem, too.

The TID increases and a whole lot transactions are aborted and none of my device a reacting.

Before the upgrade I deleted all zwave/.*xml files.

And none of them are being recreated.


Any advice how to get zwave back to work?



It looks like the controller starts sending CANs - possibly it has run out of memory or just needs a reset.

I would suggest to look at how you have the devices configured as there is a lot of “spam” being sent by some devices -:

A number of nodes are doing this and sending lots of unnecessary updates. Possibly the associations are not set correctly (maybe you have duplicates?) or maybe these devices have some issue. This might not be related to the controller issue, but I would strongly suggest to look into the issue as it won’t help your system performance.



I could not find any configuration issues.

I changed the polling period to 1 day, for now.

And I did a whole restart of all Z Wave devices.

I Also went back to 1577, besides the problem, that whenever I restart the server the port for the stick is not found (a simple renaming of the thing is enough to get it back online), everything went back to operational state.


I don’t think the issue is related to the binding version since there haven’t really been changes in this area for a long time. Possibly the controller was playing up and needed resetting - if it wasn’t sending the radio ACK to the devices, this might also have caused the multiple repeats of the data we saw, and would also cause the transaction problems which ultimately caused the queue being full.

Hey Chris,


Maybe I will give it antiher try at the weekend.

For now I’m fine (besides, the problem, that the port isn’t found after restart)